Emotional Eating--
The Stress of Emotions
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Emotional Eating--The Stress of Emotions

Everyday I read articles or books featuring a means of overcoming emotional eating. At first I was excited about what new tips I'd learn and was quickly disappointed.

Three of the top books on for dealing with or overcoming emotional eating are:
Taming of the Chew by Denise Lamothe, Phy.D, H.H.D
Breaking Free from Emotional Eating by Geneen Roth
Shrink Yourself (Break free from emotional eating forever!) by Roger Gould, MD.

Would you believe that not one of these resources on emotional eating has a chapter on how to deal with emotions? Nothing about the cause of emotions? Nothing about how to embrace them or experience them? or the importance of experiencing emotions?

Tons of articles are dug up by google alert that deal with emotional eating and all they provide is old recycled advice (much as the books I mentioned) from the fad diet era.

None of the books or articles recognize that emotional eaters don't eat because of particular emotions, but because of the stress the emotions place upon the overeater.

Yes, emotions are themselves stressful and the old stress management advice, i.e. take deep breadths, practice yoga, meditation, go for a walk, count to ten... just are not effective for 95% of over eaters. Yes, it's all good advice, but very few over eaters actually take the time to put it into practice. And none of this advice deals directly with the stress of the emotions.

For instance, do you like to feel upset? down? frustrated? confused? uncertain? malaise? boredom?

How about happiness? joy? excitement? love?

Most people say "NO" to the first group of emotions and call them negative and they say "YES" to the second group of emotions and call them positive.

But do you know what you've just done?

You've just voted. You determined that there are some emotions you like and some that you dislike.

Actually emotions are nothing more than different energy levels and it's our opinions about them that make them good or bad. It's our beliefs about them that make them stressful.

It is this stress that contributes to our over eating and makes us emotional eaters.

Even happiness for instance can be stressful. "Don't be too happy, you'll set yourself up for a big let down"
Because of beliefs of this nature--and there are many others--that keep us from truly experiencing happiness and thus the emotion is diluted with food.

A progressive approach to managing weight involves asking important questions "What is missing? Why are you not getting the results you've been promised from the books you've read and the experts you've consulted?" It is clearly insane to keep using the same old recycled advice from the fad dieting era when the results are so poor. It's more important to gain a grasp on how to handle emotional eating--eating emotional stress than it is to read the scale. Besides focusing on the scale doesn't empower you to be a better more enlightened person, whereas learning how to overcome emotional eating empowers you in all aspects of your life. If you're a sales person, you'll be a better sales person. If you're an assembly line worker, you'll be a better assembly line worker; a mother, a better mother... Overall, you'll build self worth and find that what you really want to eat is far more nutritious and less in quantity than you ever before imagined possible.

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