Are They God's Revenge?
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Tornadoes--Are They God's Revenge?

Would the bible thumpers say that God is releasing his wrath upon the sinners? Is it because the people whose homes and communities are being destroyed are out of God's favor? Is it payback for lives of sin? I'd like to hear Russ Limbaugh's explanation. Is God showing them the wrath of God for their sins? Do they lack the personal growth and personal change God requires? Morally, have they no self worth?

That's certainly one way of looking at it. Why would God, who has infinite powers, let these tragedies happen to faithful God fearing worshipers whose only vice might be boredom eating?

This is to assume that God is a Deity that has a vested interest in worshipers. And that makes sense. Worshipers pray to God for just about everything. They pray for world peace. They pray for personal change and personal growth. They pray to stop their boredom eating. They pray for the health of their friends and relatives. They pray for understanding. They pray for their own health. They pray to find someone to love them. They pray for a better job. They pray for peace of mind. They pray for money to pay for groceries and rent. They pray to keep their homes. They pray for the health of their children.

And when their prayer are answered, they give thanks to God. It's like God evaluated their prayer or wish and said, “OK, you're a hard working God fearing person and you deserve what you requested.”

But when the unexpected happens and tragedy strikes, they usually thank God for things not being worse than they could have been. It's like God says, “OK, I've got to hurt you, but it's not going to be as bad as it could be because I'm teaching you a lesson. And that lesson is that you must worship me more. Put aside your boredom eating, personal change goals, etc., and worship me.”

Or when someone we love dies, it's like the Lord says, “I have a grand plan for your loved one—a plan greater than you had for him/her.”

Am I missing something here? Isn't this just all very confusing? Just think the Lord keeps track of the entire population of the world with their individual personal growth and personal change plans for each human and animal owned by each human? Or does he just keep track of Christians? But how about Jews? They don't believe that Christ rose from the dead, so does that mean the Lord has no plans for Jews? Is that why he allowed Hitler and others to persecute Jews? Or is it that he felt that they had no self worth in his eyes?

Isn't this getting more confusing? The Atheists recently paid $15,000 for a sign to be erected near a Mausk in the NY/NJ area that says, “Allah is a Myth.” and another sign that says, “God is a Myth.”

If you believe in God or Allah, doesn't that just infuriate you?

Maybe their sign should have said, “What you believe about God or Allah is a myth.” And why is that? The truth is, God or Allah exists but our beliefs about God or Allah needs to be reexamined. In fact to believe that there's is some deity that cares specifically about whether we have enough money to pay the rent or any other reason is about as egotistical as one could get—that you are that important to some super being. And the irony is that those with ego have no self worth.
Everyone would agree that God is “All Knowing.” And since I'm a scientist, it would make sense to me that God knows every thing there is to know about mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, and probability. In fact all these sciences work together to make up the Laws of Nature—the Laws of the Universe. In fact the Laws of the Universe define every living and non living thing including all forms of energy. If you could imagine anything more than the Laws of the Universe (like God) he/she would be contained in the Laws of the Universe. And maybe that's just because God is the Laws of the Universe which means that everything known and yet to be discovered is a manifestation of the Laws of the Universe.

But who cares about tornadoes and things like whether you eat from boredom, have no self worth, have a personal change plan, and so on? God cares, right? Yes, just as Eastern religions have known for centuries, each of us is God or Allah. Yes, Christ was God or Allah too. We each (God or Allah) care what happens to us and the path of that tornado or whether our plans for personal change and growth are working or not. Often times those who are unknown to us personally care about us as the Red Cross (God) who steps in to fill the needs of those who lose their homes. Does God love you? I don't know. Do you love yourself? If you do, then God (you) loves you.

Follow along with this line of thinking. It makes sense when you realize that everything is subject to the Laws of the Universe. Why does one guy fall six feet and only suffer minor bruises and another fellow falls six feet and dies. They are both subject to the same Laws of the Universe? The answer is probability. There is a probability that maybe of one thousand people falling 6 feet that one will die. And there's a probability that out of a million people falling a hundred feet or more that maybe one will live. Insurance companies determine the rates and write their policies based on probability—statistics. So the person who falls over one hundred feet and lives is because of his relationship with the Laws of the Universe—not because some Deity decided to save his life for some greater purpose. If he chooses to find some purpose from surviving, that's his choice.

Tornadoes are a manifestation of the Laws of Nature. Given everything that gets put into the climate, there is a probability that tornadoes will happen. If you live in an area of the country where there is a high probability of tornadoes happening, there is a probability that your home will be destroyed—not because some Deity believes that you are a poor worshiper.

Of course every day millions of people use an automobile to go from one place to another. Again, probability—statistics--determine whether you get to your destination unscathed. If you take chances, don't pay attention, get distracted with your cell phone, changing the radio station, with kids in the back seat, and so on, you raise the probability of having an accident—not because some Deity is testing your faith.

By the same token if you are working on finding money to pay the rent, there is a probability that the money will be there—not because some Deity is rewarding you. If you win the lottery, its simple statistics--probability. If you're working on getting rid of no self worth, or a personal change and personal growth program, or getting rid of habits like boredom eating, there's a probability that given your approach that you will succeed. My father would ask, “Who in the Hell do you think you are if you think that someone as powerful as a supreme being would give a damn about what happens to you (one of four billion inhabitants on this planet) or any group of people who are transient in this world?” Transient meaning. why you as opposed to Aristotle centuries ago or Alexander the Great, or your great grand father or any of a billion people yet to be born.

Tornadoes are energy. In fact everything is energy—you are energy—you are God. Everything is the manifestation of the Laws of the Universe.

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