My Personal Case History: In 1993, while pulling a strangulating vine from a tall pine tree in my back yard, a cloud of what appeared to be pollen, floated from the tree upon me. I stopped work after I disposed of the vine, showered and thought nothing more of it. This was the beginning of my life being interrupted for what seemed like forever. It took one and a half years, a half dozen doctors, many external and internal elixirs, and an incredible dietary change before my life approached some form of normalcy. Within days of the dusty floating cloud, both the lady I lived with and myself were itching all over and experienced what felt like thousands of tiny bites from head to toe. No bug or parasite was visible except once we found something the size of a dust particle that looked like a dust particle on the end of her finger with one end of it moving--it was alive. It was too tiny to capture and was lost. The only other visible things were tiny sparkled specks on our bodies--only visible in bright light. We presumed these were the eggs. Once I was able to observe them under a microscope and they appeared as a perfect tiny sphere at 600 magnification. One seemed to be hatching on the slide and had what seemed to be pinchers.

Within two-to-three days of the beginning of the itching, dozens of bite-like sites were all over my body—(click here to see what they looked like), many with big red rashes surrounding them. And no matter what I did, they got larger and multiplied all over my body. Even though I had blood tests and plug samples taken (biopsies), I never received a diagnosis or a positive ID of what plagued me from any physician or specialist. However, from personal research and observation, it’s apparent that it was from an infestation of parasites which may have been accompanied by a fungus infection. Either chiggers, or no-seeums, or red mites, or bird mites, or some relative of theirs, or nematodes were the probable cause of a personal hell. The nearest I can guess is that the pollen-like substance contained eggs that when exposed to my body heat, hatched into larvae which took up residence in my skin as a parasite and fed on me at will. As they feed and matured, it felt like they were eating me alive. Given the right conditions, they evolved from the larvae stage. On several occasions I’ve observed the result of what I believe the metamorphosis in the form of a tiny small flying insect matching the appearance of the red mite fly from my coat as I opened it to remove it from my body. It was as though I gave birth to the insect. 

There are many species of mites, some of which are harmless and normally live on the human body, and there are those which seem very vicious in nature. Everyone has encountered them at some time or another. You can be walking anywhere, usually in the summer, and suddenly feel biting sensations all over and see nothing. This is usually the red mite also known as chiggers and no-seeums. Normally, there is no serious repercussion from the attack, you feel buggy and take a shower later on which rids you of any potential problems. Once in Alaska, while wading in a warm sulfur spring, I felt a biting sensation of intense pain from an indigenous mite to that region. It felt as though the insect was drilling into my bone. It swelled and took months to go away—definitely different than the chiggers of the east coast of which I’m familiar.

Back to my story, this was the beginning of a horror story of scalding baths, scrubbing our skin raw, emergency trips to the dermatologists, and many types of treatments and reading everything in sight in an attempt to control this scourge. Over the counter treatments were, Rid, Nix, sulfur, boric acid, skintastic (by Avon), and so on. Prescription treatments were Elimite and Lindane by the first dermatologist--no relief for more than four days. $125 for a naturalpathic treatment consisting of Vermex, Lympth/lept drops plus bromelain papain and herbal hepatox, $60 for Bioceedin--terrible tasting drops dissolved in juice or whatever liquid could camouflage the taste. All these remedies for parasites failed too. Not even temporary relief. It took two years to rid myself of the itchy biting symptoms of the parasite.

On my own I used rubbing alcohol, witch hazel, and boric acid--nothing helped.

In an attempt to further rid myself of the mosquito type, I visited an iridologist who found spoke-like black lines throughout my iris. According to her references these spokes in the iris indicates an infestation of a skin parasite. She recommended herbal walnut and pumpkin which did very little except give me an upset stomach after several weeks of taking it. Next she recommended Artemisa with mugwort and wormwood by Natures Sunshine which actually made them more active. Unfortunately, except for Artemisa and herbal walnut and pumpkin, I don’t know what the results of early treatments with Elimite, Lindane, Vermex, Liquid Needles, and so on would have been had I known how to control my diet. I suspect nothing!

In the beginning, I could only get relief from the itchy virulent parasites by taking scalding baths two or three times per day. It seemed that every time I’d try a new medication or lotion, the symptoms would begin to disappear and I’d start to cut back on the baths thinking I was getting rid of them. But then picture this, you go to bed after a vitalizing bath and you notice slight crawling sensations on your body. Of course, if you are presently suffering from these symptoms, you don’t have to picture anything, you live this nightmare day after day. I have no idea what would have happened to me if I had not discovered some methods of temporary relief. I often feared that I’d never find an answer and end up dying with the problem or because of the problem. Here’s what it's like to have the itchy type. The slight sensations can occur on your face cheeks, in your hair, stomach, legs, private parts, anywhere. You scratch and they seem to go away. In fact you even wonder if some or most of it is in your imagination. All during the following day it's more of the same. The following night you again go to bed and instead of only crawling sensations you feel itching and biting feelings first on your legs, then your private parts, then on your neck, back to your leg and scratching it does no good at all. It's so intense you can't stay in bed. The question of it being your imagination has disappeared. You jump out of bed, change sheets and take a scalding hot bath and return to bed hoping for an extended relief, but only find temporary for a day of so before you begin to experience the same hell all over again. You begin to appreciate what Job may have suffered in his trials with pestilence as described in the Holy Bible.

The next morning you get dressed, go to work, and while at your desk notice that around your waist where the clothes fit tight and under your thighs where your skin is pressed against your chair, the itching and biting is almost unbearable. Much to your surprise you see a tiny little bug fly up in front of you from the direction of your clothing while you are at your desk or in your car or sitting in your favorite chair at home and you wonder if you have just given birth to one of these things. You wish you could capture it and show it to the doctor--but he'd probably say it was just probably flying by on its way to the opera and has nothing to do with you because you have a phobia. Anyway this takes you back to the beginning of the cycle.  For me it was back to washing sheets daily, the comforter, dusting the mattress and comforter with a diatomaceous earth pesticide, and spraying ammonia solution on stuffed chairs in which I sat.

Diet control is paramount and took me over three years to initially discover what is safe to eat and what foods contributes to their spreading. And then another 10 years to discover the various nuisances.  In the beginning dozens of times when I'd feel that I was on my way to freedom, i.e. a day or two without any crawling, itching or biting, I'd select something that I thought was safe to eat only to find myself reacting--each cost me a week of recovery time and each step back contributed to further development of the diet.

In the beginning, I turned to sulfur lotions on the skin as a treatment and went to work with jaundiced looking hair, and skin. Needless to say it was tremendously embarrassing to have the problem, not know how to treat it or get rid of it. "What’s wrong with you?" was a common question from which I had no reasonable answer but to shrug off the inquiry.

Or you experience an itch on your wrist and forearm, you scratch and scratch and no relief. Day in and day out, the itch continues. You try everything you can think of and nothing helps the itch. Eventually you notice mini vampire looking marks with about 1/16" between the bites—and you itch so badly that you practically itch yourself raw and no relief. Tuna in oil would bring this on within 10 minutes.

I’m getting ahead of myself. No physician that I had ever seen has diagnosed these symptoms as caused by parasites (except for the physician listed in the report described below), but then no other diagnosis was given either. Through the process of elimination, i.e. sphere-like eggs, dust particle moving, and the presence of tiny flying bugs in the house closely matching the description of the red mite, I surmised it was caused by infestation of several types of mites. I've since learned that these parasites were only the host to other parasites that are resistant to standard medical treatments for mites.

A book, Life That Lives on Man by an Englishman, recommends a 25% benzyl benzoate emulsion or Eurax cream. The book also described the rash that occurs as a secondary bacterial infection as a result of the bite from the mite.

My lady friend remembered being treated with prednizone for a similar problem years before. None of the doctors we contacted had any experience with any of these drugs for parasites. We searched high and low for pesticides to kill them in the house. Fortunately we found diatomaceous earth  pesticide which is nontoxic to animals. You can call 1-866-927-3422 to obtain 4 pounds for about $14.  This brand doesn't have pyrethens which which were in the first brand of diatomaceous earth I used. Pyrethens are a contact killer--it kills within seconds of contact. But, it isn't really necessary to have pyrethens because, long after the pyrethins may be inactive, the diatomaceous earth still causes the bugs to dehydrate and disintegrate within10-to-15 minutes of contact. And from my experience of having dealt with these parasites day after day, 10-to-15 minutes is pretty darn fast. Per pound this brand by yardic is about 1/3 the cost of brands with pyrethens. I bought a duster for about $30 and dusted the whole house every two or so weeks. Needless to say we were not dusting off the furniture--we wanted to give the critters every opportunity to get their tiny feet dusty. I bought a new Kirby vacuum cleaner--one that eliminates dust discharge while vacuuming to keep the dust from our lungs. I understand an Oreck will do the same thing and for a lot less money.

The first dermatologist I contacted prescribed Lindane and took a biopsy of my skin. Lindane did nothing and the biopsy showed no evidence of a skin parasite. She ruled out scabies since there was no evidence of the tunneling and generally scabies are limited to hands and wrists. Skin fungus nor the idea of a fungal infections was ever suggested. 

On my own, I experimented with garlic and curry. The curry did nothing. The only relief came from what seemed like massive doses of garlic taken internally--30,000 mg.  per day in the beginning. In fact, use of the garlic eliminated the itchy symptoms. Of course when the symptoms disappeared, it was easy for me to think "cure" only to find the symptoms reoccur within days of stopping the garlic. A visit to another dermatologist--which took three long months to obtain (you'd think these guys are gods)—resulted in a diagnosis of acarophobia. He checked for scabies and found nothing.

I took along a thick gelatinous sample of skin I had removed from a site thinking once he checked it in his microscope the mystery would be solved.
Now these samples of skin are not easy to get. The papules that initially form eventually forms a lesion that covers over with  hard mass on the skin which is somewhat like a scab but it never heals or goes away. Yet, it’s very tenacious and practically has to be dug loose and pulled from the skin. He checked it and much to my disappointment found nothing. He suggested that I might have acarophobia which is an unreasonable fear of insects or other parasites. And when I explained that the person I was living with also contracted them, he gave me a hand-out which explained that "many times their beliefs," (referring to the belief that one is infected with parasites), "are shared with others, in which case it's referred to as folie a due or trois. This disorder is part of a psychosis and is rarely amenable to medical treatment." When I handed him another microscope slide with what I thought was part of a specimen of the parasite, he handed me a handout which also had a heading, "Delusions of Parasitosis," in which it states, "Delusions of parasitosis are firm fixations in a person's mind that he suffers from a parasitic infestation of his skin. The belief is so fixed that he may pick small pieces of epithelial debris from the skin," which I did, "and bring them to be examined, always insisting that the offending parasite is contained in such material." He examined the slide and found nothing out of the ordinary. After I begged for a blood sample, because I thought they might be systemic (in the blood), he took blood samples from me and ordered several blood tests and a biopsy.

Thinking that finally this problem would be resolved, I was shocked when he called a week later and reported that aside from a slightly larger than normal CBC (complete blood count) nothing was found in the extensive tests. He indeed believed my symptoms were mental and did also say that perhaps the parasites were gone because maybe the massive doses of garlic did kill them--if I had them to start with. I reminded him of how Lyme disease went undetected for many years and tried to convince him to do a research study, i.e. if I gave him a towel I had used without washing it bleach or ammonia, whoever used that towel would contract the same itching and biting within days. He thought the idea amusing and said he'd get back to me. He never did and I thought, "who knows, maybe they are gone." Were it not for the smell of garlic oozing through my armpits and God knows about my breadth, I would have kept taking garlic simply for insurance. I wanted to stop the garlic, but I wanted to wait until my son--he was 7 at that time--had gone back to my ex-wife after our vacation together. I had done everything I could to keep my son from being infected with them--limited physical contact and disinfection of his room. Except for my brief remission period when the symptoms disappeared, our wrestling matches on the living room floor had come to a halt, holding him close and even rides on my shoulder had stopped. I hope he doesn't grow up with some kind of complex--Daddy's close and then far away and then close again and then far away. I feared that if I had explained it to him, he would have told his mom, and knowing how over reactive she could be, she would have complicated things even more. After our summer vacation was over and he returned home, I stopped the garlic and was completely free of symptoms for seven glorious days when I began noticing some symptoms--first I thought my mind was playing tricks and then during a business trip to Chicago the symptoms returned in full force. Back to the garlic once more.

It seemed that I was dealing with at least two types of parasites--ones that itched and bit everywhere, but didn't leave any visible bites—at least as long as I was taking regular hot (almost scalding) baths 2-to-3 times a day. I've since been told that an ice bath would be more effective, but I don't know if I'd be capable of taking an ice bath. And there were the ones that left mosquito-like bites (papules) that never went away. The latter would shortly develop into an ulceration of the skin and swell to look like and  itch like a mosquito bite but never go away except to become hard and gelatinous. With some of these sites I'd end up with a sharp pain like a crab's pincers biting me under the skin which led me to believe it was some kind of bug. But then I sometimes wonder if it were a fungus that apparently had attacked my nerve endings which caused the intense pain--not a mite. Probably will never know although more recently I believe were two different parasites were simply different parts of the same parasite's life cycle.   

But at that chronological point I hadn't even considered the possibility of skin fungus, fungal infections, or nematodes (worms). These papules, even though they were not as virulent, were with me for the long haul--13 years. They never disappeared or went into remission like the itchy ones did, but after I stopped the garlic, they seemed to become more aggressive and were showing up on other parts of my body--arms, shoulders, legs and pelvic area. The lady I lived with moved to Atlanta back in the mid 90's and has gotten rid the skin parasites--but not before passing the itchy type of skin parasites onto her sister who accidentally used the same towel she had used in the steam room. For some reason, they never contracted the ones that left a mosquito like bite (fungus). They fought the itchy ones with cold water baths in garlic oil, and a product called liquid needles. They were successful in eliminating them within four-to-six weeks with that treatment. We assumed that they were more successful than I was in getting rid of them since they weren't the primary source, i.e. they seem to have taken residence in me--either systemically or dermatologically. Over the years I've learned that if treated early on, there are many different treatments that will work--double descending dose of prednisone, Neosporin, Caladryl lotion... It's when the parasite gets to the stage of reproducing itself inside your body, that the simple basic diets and treatments don't work. 

I've since learned that these parasites, pose yet another threat. They can bring along Lyme's disease and other parasites both protozoan and fungal in nature. Some of these contagions  often are  not a problem for one with a strong immune system, but fairly easily contracted by one with a challenged immune system or exposed to a high concentration of parasites. These parasites can be transferred to humans by other humans as well as by mites, ticks, mosquitoes and other bugs that bite as well as in my case--a dust cloud.

It's unfortunate that the dermatologists I've consulted couldn't locate or identify them to advise treatment. And according to the last dermatologist I consulted, thousands of people every year are seeking help. The book to which I previously referred, Life That Lives on Man, published in the late 70's also spoke extensively of how little physicians know of parasites that live on man and how easily they diagnose the problem as a fear. The book went into great length how to sample the skin for different mites by trapping them with oil, yet none of the physicians I consulted used any similar method, much less knew what to look for or how to sample for them. I had to tell them what I thought were the visual evidence of skin parasites in the form of mites. The irony was that even though they couldn't find anything to diagnose, one look at my skin and they would put on their gloves before touching me. Of course that just might be standard protocol. 

From my own experience, I was in private practice as a biofeedback clinician and quite successfully specialized in the treatment of fears and phobias for 15 years--there are over a hundred different fears--not one that I know of has ever been shared with another person.

So I wonder how many horror stories there are like mine and think that maybe collectively we can learn what the doctors don't know. I was told of one lady who after visiting the Amazon returned to the states and has been fighting something of this nature for seven years. She has been to many physicians, turned to homeopathy and still has no cure. Everything I tried was encouraging for a few days, it's as if they adapted to the poisons with which I assaulted my skin and came back stronger. The itchy skin parasites seemed to regenerate within 8 hours. I went off garlic because eventually 200,000 mg. per day were ineffective and became so affected that I began bathing every 8 hours with a quart of alcohol. Every two or three days, I used a product called liquid needles (4 ounces in a bath--it's described later in this article) to attack the bugs that multiply more slowly and mimic a mosquito bite. I used Calamine lotion and camphor. Everything worked for a couple days but just as soon as I stopped the alcohol baths and was hoping to stand up and holler, "I'm free," the symptoms returned. Back to the doctor. Of course I can't obtain an appointment with the dermatologist for 12 weeks so off to the general practitioner--my third. With some urging on my part, he prescribed sulfamethoxazole for a week, a sulfa antibiotic. It seemed to help as everything does for a short while and then back to ground zero.

In fact it was during a date with an attractive lady after a glass of wine that the parasites began itching and biting like crazy. I did what I thought I'd never do--I told her about my problem and prepared for the worse. Well she wasn't happy and felt that I had placed her at risk because we had gone dancing a couple of times and had a few slow dances together. Several years before, she had contracted a fungus from simply hugging someone and knew how easily some of these things can be passed on. She, is in the healing arts and is attuned to alternative therapies. She told me about a physician prescribing sulfur--she described is as being horse pills--for her skin problem. I was somewhat uplifted because I had searched previously for sulfur to be taken internally--I remembered my grandmother using it once internally, but every pharmacologist and physician I'd spoken with never heard of sulfur used internally, except in ancient times. The Peoples's Home Medical Book published in 1913 by RC Barnum Co. lists sulfur to be taken three times per day as powder, tincture or pellets plus sulfur ointment on the affected parts. Unfortunately it didn't give dosages. Since then I've found it in ionic form and have tried ionic copper, silver, molybdenum, zinc and sulfur and after over $100 can only say, "save your money." You've just saved more than enough money to purchase this report.

She also mentioned diet sensitivities which intrigued me and I thought I'd give it a try. I began an elimination diet with only eggs and within two days the itchy symptoms stopped. Then I added cheese to the diet so it was eggs and cheese for a few days. Some cheeses were ok and some were not. Over the course of the next seven years I tested various foods and additives to pretty well perfect the diet which consists of two phases. Phase I is the strictest diet that is used. With it, along with bathing and disinfection techniques, the itchy bity symptoms were totally gone within 6 days. Phase II is a bit less strict and is used to minimize the formation of new papules and minimize infecting others but not recommended until all papules are healed.  The diets are detailed in the report described below, but just an example or two: 1. just one tic tak breadth mint can activate these parasites. 2. Carrageen will also activate them.  3. On Stage II, walnuts are oK to eat, but not almonds. The report details everything you need to know to make the diet easy including many very tasty recipes for entree's such as shrimp scampi, chicken in butter sauce, steamers, perfect rice, sautéed spinach...

In the course of fighting the infestation I infested six different people to varying degrees. First, the lady I was living with at the time I acquired the itchy virulent parasites. My mother got contaminated with the virulent skin parasites two years after I was assaulted. My mother contracted them by sleeping on a cot on which the lady I was living with had slept. My lady friend's sister acquired the virulent skin parasites from using bed linens I had slept on. Although she had laundered them, she had not disinfected them. Six years after initially contracting parasites, another lady I had dated contracted a rash on her face from sharing my pillow. Her doctor diagnosed her as having Rosacea's red face. Two years later, after I married, my step daughter had papules develop from clean laundry that was not disinfected and my ex wife (we has just been married two years) had developed papules on several occasions apparently from our bed linens that we shared. My step daughter responded to a double descending dose of prednisone and my ex wife responded to early applications of over the counter creams such as Caladryl lotion.  

If this sounds somewhat like your life, the answers to freedom may follow. It took me about a year to discover the treatment for the virulent itchy type of skin parasites. I searched high and low on the internet and found little information. I would have spent a thousand dollars or more to go where ever–China if necessary. Fortunately, I found the cure for me with a physician who has been in the practice of Dermatology next door to my office, a special diet that I had to adhere to and take precautions to avoid recontamination and in just 3 months I eliminated the itchy type of skin parasites from my life. Ten years later, after having seen several  new dermatologists, with new prescriptions of lotions, and staying on a high cholesterol--high fat diet (the only way I could keep new papules from forming on my skin), I finally can say that I'm 100% free of infecting others, and 99% free of all symptoms using my special diet, a product called Skin Zinc (while there are many available preparations, I can only speak for the results of one), other skin lotions, and nutritional supplements. 

If this sounds like where you are, I have put together an aid package consisting of the report and help for the skin parasites.  While deciding, the first thing I did was to begin taking massive dosages of garlic and ultimately went to approximately 250,000 mg/day of garlic. It provided me immediate relief but eventually it's helpful effect wore off. I was fortunate then in discovering the connection between diet and symptom relief.

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