Here are just a few of the many testimonials regarding the report, the diet, and my contribution to their lives:

Thank you for the continuing updates and all your work on the diet- it has really renewed my health (98%) and...feels great. 

Just want to say thank you for the many e-mails you have sent.  In each one I have picked up something that helped me.  I have not tried everything that you mention.  The first thing that helped was the ammonia to wash clothes - it really helped.  I also bought plastic covers for the pillows and mattress.  I don't know how I got these critters but I plan on getting rid of them.  I got zero help from the medical world even though I am very friendly with the doctors I asked help from.  Most thought it was nerves.  I just moved on by myself... Keep up the good work ! 

Just thought I would tell you,  I tried that other guy's protocol also and all those different herbal products made me throw up all the time, so I gave up on that.  My friend who took all the antibiotics and dewormers prescribed by Dr. Schultz in New Mexico is now having other problems in her body, I believe due to a now weakened immune system due to all the antibiotics. 

Your diet is what kept me sane in the beginning before I found all the different products to help, which I mentioned in the earlier E mail. 

Thank you for being so frank, Richard. I truly appreciate your honesty. Like you, I'd be very surprised if those of us who suffer from full-blown Morgellons symptoms didn't also deal with episodic or chronic depression.

Stay well and happy, Richard, and thank you for all the information you so diligently gather for us. God bless.
There are many things I'm grateful for, one of them is that I was fighting this even before I knew what it was, another is for your willingness to share your information from your experience.  Thank you for that... Karen

Thank you very much for your skin report and the pioneer work you have
done in the field of skin parasites and Morgellons disease...  Bridgette,

.. One last thing, Richard I really appreciate all your efforts to help so many people. And I especially appreciate the degree of professionalism you have used in approaching this... that is to say, you refrain from name calling and accusatory remarks and have always remained very positive. On the more difficult days in dealing with this, I have thought about the many others who are dealing with this who have had it for much longer and continue to remain positive while searching for answers... that gives me hope. I find strength and comfort in knowing God has a purpose and plan in all this even if I can't understand it. Perhaps in finding a cure for myself I will be able to help others who may be suffering with this within the remote people group with whom we work.

Sorry this got a little long... Amy

I've had the parasites for over 17 years. They burrowed into the deep layer of my skin and my body, especially my digestion system and rectal area. 

I started King's Diet on February 9, 2006. It's been fantastic and works very well. I felt the itchy less and less, and then it all stopped. However, last week I ate cheated and ate Chinese beef jerkey which  contained soy sauce. The itchy returned almost immediately in the very deep layer of the scalp and the lower legs. I threw away what was left of the beef jerkey three days ago and it's getting better now.


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First of all, and mostly I want to thank you for your compassion towards
us/me.  I have been in contact and have been tested positive for the
disease.  If it wasn't for you where would I be today? I'm getting ready to
start treatment and finally (thanks to u) thinking about having children in
a year or two and being free of these parasites and the disease.
I am excited and nervous about starting my treatment.   I was lucky because
my mom is an RN and can give me the shots rather than the normal way to go.

I am hopeful that things will work out from here.  I will keep in touch with
you to let you know how things progress.
Thanks again.

Hello Richard.

I agree with the diet. I've just completed the detox program which involved the dieting. I've noticed the differences between when I was following the diet and I wasn't,


"Dear Richard

"This morning in my meditation I thought of you.  You provided a big key for me in your information...

Thank you for your tremendous work and help for others.  I honor and respect your journey.  As my own collection of healers like to say---as far down as you can go in life---so, as far up you can ascend.

All good and all the best to you. 


This same lady wrote me initially telling me that she was first very suspicious of my intentions and since she had subscribed to the report and received the updated emails she knows my intentions to be honorable.

"Richard,  I don't know you but I thank you so much for all your hard work and e-mail and info.  You are a wonderful person.  Truly. 

Thank you thank you... Alexandra 

.Hello Richard,

 Your report is very worth the money spent.

 I have been infected for about six weeks, the area is limited to my groin and was really bad for a while. 

 I caught an infection of scabies then moved into a new house with a leak into the basement breeding collombolla springtails, subsequently got this.

 Right now I am running the heater on high and deflecting the heat totally to the basement to make it hot and dry, eliminating their breeding ground for now.

 I have been 99% lesion free, and 99% itch free for about one week.  I have also bought some of the Earth you spoke of.  Put this on your Mattress? 

What type of antibiotic treatment would you advise, for what period considering my story. 

 Any other suggestions.

By the way just as you said, as soon as I went on the diet--instant relief.

 Kind Regards,

 Please reply,


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Just want to thank you for your updates.  Very much appreciated and helpful.  You continue to give us Morgellons sufferers hope.  Bob
Hi Richard:
You are still a blessing to me!  I want to try the B1 or B100 self-therapy treatment.  Which one is it - B1 or B100?  You list both in your email.  Please advise.  Eva 
Thanks for all the updates and all your hard work...I'm sure it's been a long road and very overwhelming.  Talk to you soon.  Be Healthy too!
Hello Richard, 
Your report is very worth the money spent.
(no, I didn't write a letter to myself--gotta keep your sense of humor)


I would like to speak with you more if you have the time, but for sure would like to give you my new e-mail for future updates.  You are a blessing. 
Bye for now, 
...Keep in touch, ok?  And thanks for your help and suggestions.

Hello. For the past couple of years I've been following your web site and your information. I have ordered reports from you, and I just can't tell you how much hope you've given me. You were the very first person I found on the internet that was going through the same thing that I was (itching, and parasites). The difference between you and I is that... 
I also have used your diet as much as possible, which really seems to help as well. Really all I eat is what you have on the diet... Thank you so much for all your information over these years. You are helping so many people and I just want to make sure I share information with you the same way you do with others. 

I reread all of your update today, Richard--right after my Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth arrived.  Great article. Instructions and suggestions are exceptionally clear and to the point.


Today I followed the diet and already I have had success the crawling feeling has reduced and I rarely have any itching.  I baraly have any black specs and papules have reduced already.  
"Comment:  I truly wish you would consider changing the name of this from morgellon's to something else.  Having a nomenclature indicates that everyone has the same thing...and that may not be so..denigrates professionalism.  Also, there are many doctors out there that frown upon hearing "morgellons" which pre-disposes them negatively from the start - I think (don't actually know) that they think of those calling it that as part of a group of crazies...rather than intelligent, scientific, logical folk.  The name holds with it a bad reputation,also, as there is a site about it and it is a seeming disreputable...when YOU ARE NOT.


"Bless you for these updates. I'm always open for new information. Thanks again.  Bob"

Thanks a lot again for your nice advice!
In fact, after trying your diet I have been losing weight for 8 pounds. I am very happy with the diet, no carbohydrate and sugar. I feel much lighter, happier and younger everyday.
Thanks again in advance!


 and later she wrote in another email:
Dear Richard,

It's very nice of you patiently consulting patient case by case. I corrected all my mistakes every time when you advised me. My condition really improved a lot.

Thanks for all your help thus far also.  We really need more people like you in this world!

Hello Richard,
You are so admired by me.  You give me hope - something that I often loose sight of. 

Hi Richard,
I appreciated your update just now.
It was reassuring to see Tam's theory questioned- There are so many scary theories existing on the net, and I'd like to be able to not believe some of the stuff I read!
The diet is keeping the symptoms in control. Wanting time to pass quickly!
Thanks again,

Thanks a lot again for your nice advice!
In fact, after trying your diet I have been losing weight for 8 pounds. I am very happy with the diet, no carbohydrate and sugar. I feel much lighter, happier and younger everyday.
Thanks again in advance!


Hi Richard

Thanks for being so honest. I'll cancel the order for now and try the methods you suggested. If I change my mind i'll let you know. Does anything ever get rid of the red strawberry pin prick marks?



There is no doubt in my mind the diet is of benefit to me...



I have been feeling much better now. Same as your experience, whenever I ate something not supposed to take, then the itchy came back. I experienced with soy source and sunflower seeds, etc...

Thanks for your reports, I always look forward to each and every.

Again, thank you so much for your dedication to helping others cure this disease.  Cynthia


Be blessed Richard!  You give us not only information but real hope for a cure to this madness.  Without your needed information, most of us would have been driven mad by now.  I thank God for you and your diligence.  Keep pressing on.  Love, Eva

 Richard, I don't know you but I thank you so much for all your hard work and e-mail and info.  You are a wonderful person.  Truly. 

Thank you thank you... Alex 


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