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The services and programs available in www.DStressDoc.com ; www.PanicBusters.com and www.SelfEsteemCure.com are the result of 20 years’ private practice in Stress Management consulting. Presently semi retired from private practice, I was certified as both a biofeedback clinician by the B.C.I.A. (Biofeedback Certification Institute of America)  and a hypnosis technician by the AAEH and the National Guild of Hypnotists. I worked with area psychologists and psychiatrists. 

Initially I tape recorded client sessions which were taken home by the client and listened to during the week for both the conscious explanation of the suggestions and the relaxation hyponoidal portion listened to as they went to sleep. It didn't take long to realize major themes such as confidence, self worth, handling anger, conflicts in thinking.... I found that making theme tapes and copying them to provide my clients was the next step. There was just no way I could cover every aspect of any particular theme--easy to get side tracked or assume that something didn't pertain when it really did--with a client. The theme tapes were the answer and provided material for discussion. Over the course of my career, I continued development of theme tapes to incorporate awareness, (biofeedback), hypnosis, cognitive restructuring, nutrition and sound stress management techniques that go beyond the norm to what I believe is the most advanced and progressive thinking on the planet. 

"OK," you ask, "but what does this Richard Kuhns guy sound and look like?" Absolutely, before I'd invest in these programs, I certainly would like a voice and maybe a video sampling. The audio link is from the voice track of the streaming video and hence not the same quality (has more echo) than the actual CD's. Here it is. Audio Link or the next two are streaming video. The first one for cable or dsl connections 400 streaming.mov  and the following for regular phone modem downloads.  256_download.wmv

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While standard protocols of stress management utilizing biofeedback and various relaxation therapies worked well for alleviation of  migraine and tension headaches, they failed miserably with anxiety and panic disorders, depression, colitis and ileitis. Ultimately successful cognitive restructuring for anxiety and panic attacks, and colitis and ileitis were developed.

Richard Kuhns

Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. certified NGH