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Before you start another diet, read this:


"Scale Conspiracy"


Easy ways to lose weight while you sleep! Lose weight with hypnosis! Lose weight and keep it off! Sound incredible?  

Yes, hypnosis is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. But let's not oversimplify the process to lose weight and keep it off.

Warren Levin M.D. (specialist in baratrics and obesity), of the World Health Medical Group in New York City states, "Did you know that your chances of being 'cured' of obesity are worse—much worse—than  being cured of cancer? Study after study from the finest medical institutions in the world report that only 10-to-15% of patients who start out to lose weight have actually lost a significant amount at the end of one year. “

How do you lose weight with hypnosis? The answer is that it's all in the suggestions used. I define hypnosis as the "art of suggestion." Having just graduated from a course in clinical hypnosis I excitedly started my practice 20+ years ago with lots of technique. I was the best that you could imagine at putting my Habitual Eating, Emotional Eating, Self Defeative Eating  clients "under" and suggestions about losing weight flowed melodically from my tongue. As I expected, a very high percentage lost weight. But then, the same high percentage then gained back all the weight--not what I expected from a weight loss program!!

I quickly learned that there was more to hypnosis than simply "putting people under," The irony was that many clients who came to me for biofeedback stress management to reduce headaches, stress, and so on, began losing weight without focusing on losing weight. I was befuddled, "those who didn't care about losing weight, lost weight and kept it off, and those who desperately wanted to lose weight, gained it back," I thought to myself. It seemed that stress management was a better weight loss program than hypnosis.



Habitual Eating       Emotional Eating       Self Destructive Eating

The Best Way to Lose Weight is to Lose Weight While You Sleep Weight Loss Program

Through that CONFUSION I realized that those who were learning to deal with stress were learning to deal with emotional stresses as well. My mistake was that I was treating all overeating the same--as habitual. Within a few months, the suggestions I used took on a new meaning as I realized** that each of us are different kinds of eaters, i.e. habitual, emotional and self defeative.  And with the acquired skill of subliminal hypnosis, it became a reality that you can lose weight while you sleep--a magical weight loss program.

My first cassette, which is now #4 in the program and has since be upgraded to cd format, focused on emotional eating and used subliminal suggestions*. As my understanding of beating the battle of the bulge unfolded, the #4 CD was replaced with three new powerful CDs, #1 for habitual and binge eating #2 for emotional eating and #3 for self defeative eating. However, those in our groups refused to let go of the #4 CD. They felt as though their warm fuzzy teddy bear was being taken away.  They reported what most would consider outlandish stories of not only how easy it was for them to lose weight using the tape, but also how their overweight spouses (who also listened to it as they went to sleep too), were also losing weight and some even claimed that their over weight pets were losing weight. So, by popular demand, I kept the tape and made it #4 in the program. To get the most from the program, it's suggested that you work with the #1 CD for the first week, then move onto the #2 CD the next week and then onto the #3 for the third week after which #4 is used for reinforcement--same suggestions given differently--like the other side of the same coin. And then because one tends to get out of a program what he/she wants the first time, start the program over and you'll begin to get out of the program what is intended. The suggestions take on a different meaning every time you go back to them.     

Given all that, just how do you determine which type of eater you are? 

Don't fret, it really doesn't matter, we simply begin by making the same assumption all other programs make, i.e., we assume you are habitual and through the process of elimination, advance to emotional and then self-defeative to free your of being enslaved by food.

What's the goal? Ultimately you forget about food. Oh, but the other side of the coin is that you eat everything you really want to eat (no depravation), thoroughly enjoy eating every morsel, fill up on flavor and taste, and feel fully fulfilled and satisfied. There is absolutely nothing you can't eat! And yet, strangely you'll find that you prefer to eat only at mealtimes sparingly and properly and that what you really want to eat is far more nutritious and healthy than you might ever have dreamed possible. You may also find that you have a greater desire for physical activity and exercise although it's not imperative that you follow any exercise regime to lose weight and keep it off. However, for the health benefits of exercise, the motivation to exercise may be overwhelming for you. 

And one other thing. You build a positive self image, self esteem and become you own best friend instead of being your own worst enemy. You are a thin person carrying excess weight which is a temporary part of you. 

“This program is chock full of important insights into the mechanism controlling our eating habits. It is a treasure trove of truths—and the Truth will set you Free.” Writes Warren Levin MD of the E-book to  The Scale Conspiracy based on this CD program. Daniel Jass MD of Princeton says, “…rest assured that these insights came, not from and ivory tower researcher, but from one who understands the problem from having been there himself. And from fourteen years of helping others, he is now sharing these directions from further down the path. It’s a complete psychological and nutritional approach to managing weight.”

Nutrition is
the basics of what constitutes healthy eating--you already know the foods that are healthy for you and those that are not. Yet, it's the relentless temptation of these foods--well we really can't call them foods since they are for the most part non nutritional and actually require more enzymes, vitamins and minerals to metabolize than they contain--that keeps you from attaining your goal weight. This program changes the focus from the guilt of eating non nutritional foods to the issues they represent in your life.


        The entire weight loss program is available in both cassettes and an ebook (soon to be published)

It is truly the one best way to lose weight permanently.

Overcome Habitual Eating  #1     $16.95

Overcome Emotional Eating #2 cd  $16.95 

Overcome Emotional Self Defeative Eating #3 cd  $16.95 

Bonus Tracks cd $16.95

Save $$$ Money

Complete cd series (all four cd's) $67.80 for just $59.95  

Complete cd series (all four cd's) plus the e-book for just $78.77 -- a $105.75 value  

The Scale Conspiracy, e-book $37.95  $27.95 

** This realization was not my original idea. Others such as Barrie Konicov of  Potentials Unlimited had already been dealing with emotions and eating. I also leaned much from the Erhart Seminars (EST) of the 80's and a self help book entitled, Focusing. However, to my knowledge the manner in which the suggestions are formulated is light years ahead of any others unless they've heard these tapes.


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