Blastomycosis Fungal Infection

The CDC website describes Blastomycosis as a fungal infection generally from being in contact or breathing  spores found in contaminated soil. High risk groups are campers, farmers, hunters and forestry personnel. The fungus infects lung tissue and can also show up as  subcutaneous abscesses as well as localized infections in several organs as described in Dr. Bob's All Creature Site

Approximately 5% of those infected with Blastomycosis die of the disease. Anti fungal agents Itraconazole, 100-200 mg/d orally, is now the therapy of choice for nonmeningeal disease, with a response rate of over 70%. Amphotericin B is given for treatment failures or cases with central nervous system involvement. For a complete list of other  anti fungal agents, click here.

It's not a pretty disease and if you have Blastomycosis and find progress slow, you may consider a special diet to enhance your medical treatment. This diet has been 100 percent effective in the treatment of very virile subcutaneous parasites (mites, nematodes, and fungal infections) that left untreated can run rampant throughout all the major organs in the body. Click here to go to a description of a personal hell. And if you relate, it just may be worth doing.




Fungal Infection

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