Skin Fungus and skin parasites - Morgellons-Collembola--Strongyloide...

It’s 3:00 am,  your sleep has been interrupted by something crawling on your face, legs, private parts—and you don’t know what to do. First you wonder if it’s you imagination, but then the crawling feelings are accompanied by a biting, stinging sensation--sometimes it seems to be from under your skin. You get out of bed, turn on a light and take a look to see what’s causing the problem. You see nothing. Hoping for relief you scratch it. Moments later, the biting returns and it’s relentless. The next day you may find a rash developing or what appears like bites on your skin.

What’s causing the biting, rashes, and what do you do about it? Your doctor may have told you that it’s stress, in your imagination, or worse yet that you have acrophobia. To get relief within hours, what always works for me to get back my life and be virtually free of symptoms within hours is a special diet I discovered along with important bathing and disinfection routines. 

Actually, you’ve may have been invaded by one of several strains of skin parasites

This is the complete guide to taking your life back; and if caught early on--possible cure. This report provides information that every doctor should be able to share with you, but none do—how to disinfect your surroundings, bathe, skin treatments that provide relief, and most importantly the King DietSM that can get you back to virtually a normal life. The diet is Not a Cure.. But Until a Cure is Discovered, It’s the Next Best Thing and in fact, my experience says that no cure will work without the diet. Yes, itchy disruptive skin may be quieted with special King DietSM and one of several commonly available drugs listed in the report about which only a handful of doctors know. 

If you already have heard of this amazing diet and the report (now in e-book form) and know you want to order it, click here for How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites e-book order page. 

While most skin parasites are harmless, there are some skin parasites such as Morgellons (of unknown origin), unknown to most doctors, that can make life a living hell. 

Job, of the Old Testament in the Holy Bible, may very well have been the first human on record who suffered from these skin parasites which are in the form of skin mites, nematodes and or skin fungus.

Some species of skin mites, for instance that usually live outdoor on plants and animals can adapt to living both in human skin and bring protozoan, bacterium, and fungi organisms that live systemically (in the blood). Without guidance in an effective treatment the parasites can reside in one's skin for years and make scabies (a form of mite) look like common cold. Likewise, some skin fungus can result in fungal infections that lasts for years and unless effective treatment is found lead to death as in Blastomycosis.

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 Note: If you're suffering from Blastomycosis, much of what follows may not be pertinent except that a special diet (The King DietSM) has been developed along with the discovery of certain skin treatments (if subcutaneous lesions are also present) may dramatically accelerate your recovery.  The diet is in the report described below and well may be worthwhile in your fight.

It Looks Like a Mosquito Bite or the Beginnings of a Zit But It Never Goes Away. In fact it multiplies over the years and the dermatologists I’ve seen are convinced they are a result of stress, anxiety, general nervousness, or Rosacea's Red Face (if it occurs on your face). But might it be alive? Might it be skin parasites or a skin fungus? or might it be the beginning of Dercum's Syndrome. More about this later.

An introductory note: In some respects I guess I'm lucky compared to some individuals with whom I've communicated. I was lucky in that I was able to limit its effect on me although it drove me practically crazy and consumed every living moment of my thinking for quite a few years. I was lucky in that I discovered a few things about this malady, that no doctor could diagnose, that made life bearable for me. So the question at to what the offending parasite is goes on. Is it a nematode (Strongyloides), or Collembola (spring tails) or what shows up on the Morgellons site, or something else like the mercury in the amalgam of your filings? It doesn't matter, the diet has proven to provide symptomatic relief for all parasites sufferers suspecting any of the above parasites. Relief that provides "breathing room" so we may all find an eventual cure whether it be through rifing, KMT, antibiotics, antifungals, wormers, taurox, sea salts...  The report goes beyond the diet to include the latest scientific findings and also findings provided by those suffering and finding their way. 

Approximately 10% of all Morgellons sufferers have purchased this book with some in Japan, England, Australia... If you already know you want to purchase the e-book click here and then come back and read the remainder of this posting as it may have some valuable information in it as well. 

1. Even though this skin problem (in my experience) can be easily transmitted from animal or human to human by simple contact, i.e., beauty parlor, lying down on an infested couch or rug, trying on new clothing in a store that was tried on by someone who was infested.... I knew the exact moment of contamination from a cloud of dust from a vine that I was pulling from a tree. Therefore, the doctors couldn't pull that psychosomatic stuff, stress, or pass me off for a nut with a strange phobia.

2. I experimented with garlic early on. I tried other things like curry, but garlic was the ticket. I started with 30,000 mg. of garlic per day and ended up at around 240,000 mg. per day before I freed myself of the parasitic itchy bity symptoms. For me, garlic completely tamed down the itchy parasites to where I could be human. Of course I tried many different medications during this time and each time I went off garlic to see if the medication or remedy was working, it would flare up again because none were working.

3. I also discovered the value of the diet--call it an eating plan. It's the plan that works. In fact I'm convinced that no treatment will work without getting on the eating plan and staying on it. There are foods such as fruits and many carbohydrates that feed the parasites and foods that starve them. It took me over ten years of research to develop it. I had suffered with the itching and biting for nearly three years when an acquaintance suggested the possibility of a dietary connection. Within a few days I was itch and bite free--it worked that fast for me. I now refer to that particular diet as the KING DietSM because nothing known works as fast or is as effective as the diet to relieve the itchy bity symptoms. As time went on, I could eat more leniently and I refer to that as Stage II. It didn't take long to think I was cured, but every time I went off the diet for a week or so, the itching and biting returned. I realized there was more than just diet which is also what my report is about--putting it all together. Over the years, I've had opportunity to further develop the diet as I had become reinfected from one of the many environmental factors also discussed in the report. My latest reinfection was in Oct of 05.

I was taking some special antibiotics for the Lyme disease and found that my diet could become normal again. Again I thought I was cured (it will happen) as I ate normally for 6 months and then it caught up to me and I became reinfected and also infected my significant other. During my decade or so of fighting this scourge I was free enough for eight or more years to marry and have normal intimate relations--a dream come true.

Back to my reinfection in 05 as it gave me an opportunity to first consider suicide and then a realization that I could learn more about the diet which is what I chose to do and did so. I learned to perfect Stage I of the diet and to use it without the benefit of any physician (as I used in the past) to become totally free of all itch and biting symptoms within 6 days. Can you imagine that? A tremendous feat in itself. Of course I used diet along with a bathing and disinfecting protocol--all outlined in the extensive e-book.

Please excuse me for bragging a little bit. I was the first person to suggest a dietary connection back in the late 90's, but I wasn't the first to suggest it's paramount importance. Since then, some others have jumped on the band wagon and have come up with their own diets. My experience says that some of these diets might work for someone newly infected--who may not even need a diet--but for someone such as I who suffered for a few years before discovering diet, they won't work. For instance, the diet/s  may allow soy--strictly a no, no from my experience. The other diets are not nearly as extensive which will leave you with lots of unanswered questions such as, "How about a tic tac?' or "how about guar gum?" There are literally dozens of questions of this nature that are not a question with the diet I use. Rosemary or not? Each of these questions cost me up to two weeks to discover the answer so it's unlikely that anyone who has experimented less than three or four years can come close to discovering the nuances plus the reality of there being three stages to the diet and when to advance to stage II will make a big difference. The fact is I learned that there are many foods that fed my parasites, many foods that kept them in remission and many foods that starve them. No, I don't have all the answers, but I do have what I believe to be the most complete report available at this time with a diet that has worked. 

4. I discovered how easily the parasites are transmitted and began vigorously disinfecting everything inside and outside of my home to minimize contamination of others and recontamination of myself.

Not until a couple years after I got rid of the itchy parasites--the ones that felt like they' were eating me alive--did I realize that there were more than one type of parasite. Since most doctors can't effectively sample and examine skin for analysis, I have no idea if I only contracted mites or nematodes, or perhaps fungus as well.

According to the experts there are several things to look for on your body to determine if your parasites are the ones that are connected with this disease. Any one of the following could mean parasites and the good news is that they can be treated medically--more later in this report.

1 presence of tiny strawberry type of spots--look like bright red blood spots just under the skin.

2 presence of a filament type of structure at various nonhealing sites where the parasites reside. The only way to see it is with the use of a jeweler's loop.

3. cotton-like balls on your body without any reasonable explanation.

4. Black specks on the skin and bed sheets.

Since your doctor hasn't been able to diagnose you, the only way you have of determining at this time if you have the same or similar problem is to read my personal case history and if you experienced a similar hell, then later I'll tell you how to get the details on how I'm successfully beating this scourge along with many others. Details for disinfection of home, work, and everything else, details on diet, nutritional supplements that work and don't work, medical approaches that don't work, two medical treatment plans (both with which you can use your attending physician). But it goes deeper than simply parasites--not that they are simple--but they are the carriers that transfer protozoa and a bacterium (Lyme disease) into your blood which reduce your immunity further enabling other organisms such as fungi and organisms such as Toxoplasma gondii often found in cat feces to infect your body. It is also suspected that the protozoa and bacterium can also be carried into your body via ticks, mosquito, and maybe even bed bugs and spring tales.

The only good news is that how the first part of your fight that took me 13 years is over for you and the report is probably one of the most comprehensive you'll find on these subjects. Yes, lab tests have been used for Lyme disease for the last 15 or so years, but did you know that often chronic Lyme disease goes undetected by these same tests and that often when identified, the Lyme pathogen changes to the form of a cyst when in the presence of antibiotics and then back again when the antibiotics are stopped. The report provides the research labs that have developed proof positive methods for identifying the pathogens and the physicians protocols for their effective treatment.  

When I was at the height of personal suffering I would have endured great monetary hardship and gone to China if need be to rid myself of this scourge, the good news is that all the information is available in a report that will save you tons of money and point you in the direction to obtain effective medical treatment that you don't have to travel to China to receive. One last note before reading on: If you've been following the chat lines on this subject, don't bother randomly investing in colloidal silver, ionic silver, ionic copper, pomegranate. If they are to work, they must be administered systematically. The only effective skin product I've ever found is written about later on and then, it's useless without the diet. And stay away from the $1,600 herbal cure or anything close to it. 

Click here to see if my experience is similar to yours. Please make sure it applies before you do anything else! Then Click here to read testimonials!  You'll see that even though diet is important, the support given to subscribers on an individual basis is of even greater value. If indeed you've encountered these pathogens via a virulent parasite as I have, you are fighting two hells: one is the itchy parasites on your skin that literally feel like they are eating you alive and the other one is the pathogens they have brought to your blood stream which lowers your immunity, can attack your central nervous system and worsen any symptom, medical, or psychological problem and make them non responsive to treatment. Headaches, muscle pain, brain fog, arthritis, memory difficulties, Parkinson's, cancers, bipolar disorder, ADHD... are just a few of the many complications possible.

What I've done was to take my nearly twenty years' experience in working with hundreds of other sufferers and complied all that information into a book which is now in its' third printing called How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites.

How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites e-book (available as a printed soft cover book too)  provides you with:

1. two alternative medical treatments (both with which you can work with your local attending physician) 

2. a three phase special diet (the King DietSM)--with tasty recipes which are actually great for losing weight and may be very valuable as an aid in the treatment of Lyme, Blastomycosis fungal infections, and Dercum's Syndrome as well  And if for some reason the diet/s don't work for you, how to discover the diet that will work.

3. a means of determining if you're also dealing with yeast infection (candida albicans) and what to do about it plus the diet for dealing with candida ablicans.

4. how to bathe--what to add to your bath water and what lotions work. 

5. methods to eliminate recontamination and contaminating others.

6. how to eat in a restaurant without feeling like a leper.

7. how to explain to acquaintances why you’re on a special diet.

8. Nutrients that build immune functioning, decrease inflammation, and provide the most powerful anti oxidant and detoxifyer known.

9. a special debriding soap (Nature's GiftTM) that deep cleans the skin to remove debris. Crawling, itching and biting are stopped in seconds. See special offer below to receive 50% off your first order.

In summary, in all my years of working with parasites sufferers this is the first time in history that there is an a, b, c direction that actually works.

The e-book is only $19.95 and could well be worth your life. And it's satisfaction guaranteed. If you feel for any reason, the e-book is of no value, you will receive a complete refund. You'll receive the e-book within seconds of check out.

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Bonus #2

You receive free updates to the book as more information becomes available meaning that you book is never out of date.

Bonus #3.

You receive a questionnaire which will help you identify from which skin parasite you are suffering. You also receive a list of specific recommendations to deal with your particular parasite/s

 One last note, I am not a physician and I am not prescribing nor making any medical recommendations in the e-book. In fact, the diet can be a high fat diet and may contribute to heart disease if one goes crazy with bacon and hamburgers (not necessary though). I am merely sharing in this book what has and hasn't worked for me along with many referenced sites for you to make your own evaluations and determinations. None of the information or statements in the book have been evaluated by the FDA. As a disclaimer, I must say, "Use the book and the information you find on it at your own risk. For education purposes only!"  

Guaranteed to be the most effective diet for the control of skin parasites and or Lyme disease or your money back. Order now and take a big step in getting your life back.

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Morgellons doesn't have to ruin your life...

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I spent literally hundreds of dollars on this getting rid of this ailment and the equivalent of millions of dollars of pain and suffering. The good news is that even though I still have remnants of the scourge, I have gotten back to a relatively normal life, rough house with my son, have normal intimate physical relations, and am at 100% freedom.  This book outlines what works and what doesn’t work. Forgive me for charging a few dollars for all this information. None of the eight medical doctors (three specialists) that I've visited felt guilty for telling me that I had a phobia or prescribing medications which were useless and absolutely none knew anything about how to control my surroundings, diet, or.... and charged me their full fee.

 The good news is that if you're symptoms are similar, the information in this book could be worth your life.  Note: many typical treatments, Predinsone, skin lotions, and so on have worked for those who have been accidentally contaminated by my condition, but if you were chronically infected like I was, none of those treatments work and you probably have already tried most of them.

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