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Ten Second Stress Reduction Techniques to Make Life Easier 
How many stress reduction techniques do you know? How many of them do you use on a regular basis?

When most think of stress reduction techniques, they think of taking a warm luxurious bubble bath with a glass of wine—a favorite for the ladies. When guys think of stress reduction techniques they more often might think of having a stiff drink or maybe a few beers while watching their favorite team play.

Then of course we have many who turn to over the counter and or illegal drugs to take off the edge of stress. The smoker takes a break and has a smoke and the amazing thing is that he/she actually thinks that having a smoke relaxes them when there’s gobs of research data that says the stuff in cigarettes actually activates the body. How could this be? How can they actually think that cigarettes relax them?

Well, the answer is obvious. Smoking does relax them momentarily. When they take that deep drag, they are actually doing the first and most important thing they can do to dstress—a deep breadth. It’s unfortunate that along with that deep breadth are dozens of unhealthy chemicals that later on activate the body and put the unsuspecting smoker into a vicious cycle.—they smoke to relax and they do and the chemicals they inhale activate them minutes later so they will time and time again need to smoke to relax—a merry go round that never stops except for sleep. : 

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OK, now the cat is out of the bag—the first and most effective technique to deal with stress is to routinely do deep breathing. Of all stress reduction techniques, it is first and foremost the quickest and most effective.

 Just how do you do deep breathing? Well its not just sucking in air into your chest. In fact that could be unhealthy for if you just suck air into your chest, you are tensing your chest muscles which could cause chest pains and yes, even shoulder pain.

So it’s important to pay attention as to how to take a deep breadth. First you do it slowly and secondly, you breathe down through your chest into your abdomen where the expansion occurs. You drop your abdomen down so your lungs can expand with precious air. It only takes about ten seconds to take a deep breath meaning you could literally take thousand and thousands of deep breadths every day. But let’s be practical. That’s just not going to happen.

So when do you want to take those deep breadths? Whenever you feel slightly or largely stressed is the answer. But that’s no going to happen either because you’ll forget to do it when you need it the most. After all you have more important things on your mind rather then remembering to do deep breathing, right? You have to deal with the stress, right?

Here we are in a bind. When you really need it, you aren’t going to think of it—what a pity. Just as smoking is a learned habit, for the smoker, let’s see if we can learn deep breathing as a habit.

To do this, make a list of all the places and times that you can think of to practice deep breathing. Your list might be something like this:
• As you’re waiting for your computer to load a program or shut down. 
• Before answering the phone or making a phone call 
• As you listen to someone conversing with you. 
• Before eating or drinking. 
• As you walk through any doorway.
• As you are finding the right word to speak or type.
• As you walk anyplace.
• Before entering a building or an office 
• Whenever you notice yourself feeling stressed 
• Whenever you can remember to take a deep breadth

Think of some more and practice them daily and maybe, just maybe, deep breathing will become more and more a part of your life and the results amazing.

This ready made CD for Abdominal Breathing has four different deep breathing exercises (including one to help reduce hyperventilation). Since it’s not been a habit, it’s easy to forget to do. Make reminders from post-it’s and stick them where you are likely to see them during the day. Remember, no one makes money on deep breathing so you will not hear an announcer on the radio reminding you to take your deep breadth to manage stress. For more in-depth practice and experience, join a yoga class and practice it daily. No time? Purchase a basic DVD of yoga--no need for difficult poses.  Want to get the upper hand on reactions to stress such as stuttering, eye twitching, head or neck ache, leg pain, and so on.? Learn the step by step methods to take control of painful muscles in Part II of this article titled The Second Defense Against Stress.  

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Abdominal Breathing CD  $24.95

Choose whether you want the self help mp3 downloads or the actual Cds

Digital Download Version
Physical CD Version
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