Twisted Tongue -
Overcome Trouble Speaking or Lazy Tongue Syndrome




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Do you become anxious when speaking to the point where your tongue feels too large or it won't move as fast as you need it to in order to make the words come out? Like your tongue is twisted in your mouth? Sometimes, it is so slow or enlarged that you bite it as you speak. This program can help with both slurred speech and stuttering as it provides you with the technique for learning to relax as you speak. Trouble speaking and Lazy tongue syndrome is the result.

Stress affects each of us differently and at different times in our lives. One particular type of stress may evoke emotions and feelings that challenge one's self worth. This type of stress is often experienced by those going through rejection either in a personal relationship or work relationship. The result is often a life crisis which can erode one's self worth which for some individuals houses the stress in the tongue muscle (lazy tongue syndrome and trouble speaking). Treated effectively using the techniques in this cd limit the lazy tongue syndrome to a transient short term issue. Once progress is made with this program, the Overcome Life Crisis Program is highly recommended for redefining one's meaning in life to avoid symptom substitution.

Reacting to this type of stress, the tongue muscle  actually becomes lazy and may actually enlarge resulting in slurred speech and difficult--not to be confused with stuttering which is also usually related to low self esteem, but more so a long term condition from child hood.  This technique may also be highly effective with stuttering when used with the Building Self Worth Program.

This program uses specific proven muscular tension relaxation exercises to improve circulation to the tongue muscle and retrain the tongue to respond normally to the brain's speech center. Of equal importance, powerful affirmations are integrated to get beyond the short term self worth issues and build confidence. It's normal for affirmations to be questioned by the conscious mind which will negate their value.

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To insure the success of affirmations, this program utilizes the power of negative thinking to work for you. By acknowledging self doubts and negativity, the power of hypnosis takes you beyond your perceived limitations to return your speech to the point where you will forget that you ever had a problem.

Letting go becomes a way of life. Profound improvements in your life circumstances may be anticipated as a result of a new found peace. A mental relaxation allows you to drain all the the mental and physical tensions from your body followed by suggestions to visualize the greatness within you. The beauty of the suggestions are that you don't have to have visualization powers to get in touch with your greatness--your potential.

Twisted Tongue CD    $24.95 

Choose whether you want the self help mp3 downloads or the actual CDs

Digital Download Version
Physical CD Version
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