Affirmations for Baby Can Give Your Baby a Million Dollars without Costing You a Dime  
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Affirmations for Baby Can Give Your Baby a Million Dollars Without Costing You a Dime

Would you like to give your unborn baby, infant, toddler... a million dollars without it costing you a dime? That's right and the time to start is right now. Of course the earlier the better—even before birth and by the time he/she is in the twenties; they may very well have attracted a million dollars or more with daily affirmations for baby.

Daily affirmations can be used for baby, toddler, or child. You might wonder how an unborn child will benefit from positive affirmations and the answer is vibrations. What are affirmations? An affirmation is a statement with a specific vibration.  It's your job, mommy, to use the affirmations for prosperity and abundance; however, you might find yourself reacting to some of the prosperity affirmations. For instance, the basic affirmation, "I am prosperous." Simple as it is, you might say, "but I'm not prosperous—we have trouble paying  the rent or mortgage. I can't lie to myself.  

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Four things that are important to know:

1. Affirmations are not about lying to your self. They are about choosing to own words and vibrations. You can choose to own any word or vibration that you want. As you choose to own the phrase, "I am prosperous," you own the vibration. Look at affirmations as a direction and feel the vibration as a manifestation of the words you own.

2. Every affirmation for baby has a vibration.

3. All beliefs are practiced vibrations.

4. Money affirmations (vibrations) attract success by connecting with Source. Source provides one stream of wellness which contains health, wealth, and prosperity.  When we vibrate with source, prosperity is ours.


What stands in the way of connecting to source are:

1. Self doubts are practiced vibrations which attract failure. Examples are "I can't do something because I'm too uneducated, too short, not attractive enough.

2. Emotional baggage. When we get stuck in anger, depression, confusion, highs, it's like trying to send a signal through a corroded wire—static is the result.

3. Limiting beliefs such as:

•  I must work hard for the money I earn.

• Money doesn't grow on trees.

• I need more money than I can generate.

• I feel helpless in changing my financial picture.

• Business expands, I lose track of details and make quick decisions.

• The more I spend the less I have.

• Or maybe I saw someone with money manipulate others or are afraid that money might erode my ethics.

• Trust—can't trust anybody.

• If I want something done right I have to do it myself. 

4. Needing something in order to be happy. "When such and such happens then I can be happy, relaxed, feel good." This kind of thinking keeps you in the energy of needing instead of having. Yet, it's an easy trap in which to fall.

5. Measuring, comparing, bragging, possessiveness are all ego centered and destroy the vibrations with source. In prosperity there is no competition. Kill ego and save your life.

6. Complaining robs one of creativity and keeps one in scarcity thinking.


You connect to Source by:

1. Having gratitude for what you now have. The idea

is to teach your child to be grateful for everything he/she has. Being grateful attracts more for which one can be grateful.

2. Affirming your life. Choose any one or more of the following affirmations to memorize and use.

• Prosperous I am.

• Wealth I am.

• Health I am.

• My interests and things I do in life are a pipeline through which I tap the wealth of the world's resources.

3. Asking for what you want. The goal is to be more general rather than specific. You could desire a new automobile which may take the form of any one of different makes or models for which you can be very pleased and happy. 

 How do you program your unborn child, baby, infant, or toddler? The answer is that you play the birth affirmations on a cd. For unborn children, hold the speaker on your abdomen. For others, you use the recording at nap time or night.


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Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. NGH certified, a prominent figure in the personal change field. His aim is to make it possible for anyone who wants the best for their unborn baby, infant, or toddler to do so.
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Self Help Positive Affirmations for baby CD $24.95

Choose whether you want the self help mp3 downloads or the actual CD

Digital Download Version
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