Over Come Fear of Career Change with Hypnosis
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Over Come Fear of Career Change with Hypnosis

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Are you afraid of making a career change? Most people are! It's a challenge to leave the security of a 9-5 job. Or do you have a fear of making smaller changes? This one sounds like a silly question, yet sometimes we're so caught up in the rut of life that we don't even question our fears. How can we make a career change when we're afraid of making even small changes? For instance, I was in my mid 20's working as a chemical engineer in NY city. I commuted an hour from NJ everyday by bus. Back then we didn't really have busses--not busses as you know them today--I called them cattle cars. Instead of sliding forward and back, the windows went up and down. Living near the end of the route I was usually stuck with a seat over the wheel well and had to sit in pretty much a fetal position all the way to the Big Apple or I'd get stuck with the rear most seat which was very hot from the engine--the Hades seat.

On occasion, there were no seats to be had and I'd end up standing all the way to NYC. Every time this happened I'd swear that I was going to change to the train. I heard the train was more comfortable--it had to be--than the bus. You'd think that having to sit in the Hades seat or sitting cramped over the wheel well would be sufficient reason to change, but no I tolerated that, it was the standing with my brief case cradled between my feet that was intolerable. 

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But in the back of my mind I had a few fears and unknowns:

1. I didn't know where to get a parking permit for the train station.

2. I never rode a passenger train and didn't know if I'd be able to get onto the car without tripping or doing something that would make me look stupid.

3. The train stopped in Newark where I'd have to change trains to get to NYC. I was fearful I wouldn't be able to make the right switch and end up getting on the wrong train--maybe one to Boston.

4. I had several friends on the bus that took me a year to develop and I was afraid that I might not make any new friends on the train and would have to sit alone.

Looking back they all seem very silly and stupid fears. I never really voiced them, I just let them continue making the decision to keep me riding the bus.

Then one week, I had to stand three times on the bus. The normal trip took an hour, but on one occasion, because of an accident on the Turnpike, it took four hours of standing. It was an accident involving of a truck of horses.

Finally I made a call to find out where to get my parking sticker and switched to the train the following week and much to my surprise, I had no trouble getting the parking permit, getting onto the train without tripping, switching trains in Newark or making new friends.

In fact within two years of making that change, I went on to make a career change from being a senior chemical engineer to opening a biofeedback and hypnosis center.

My riding the bus and switching to the train experience gave me a sincere appreciation for what many of my clients go through in their lives. So if you're looking at possible changes you'd like to make in your life--whether they be small or big, I suggest you start by simply writing down the fears--something I didn't do but would have given me a tremendous of advantage for when you write out your fears that's the first step in overcoming them. By writing them down, you'll see how silly they really are and that will be the end of those. Tony Robbins calls this "chunking."  You take it item by item rather than let all those fears just loose in your head. 

Now, changing careers was a much bigger challenge and I must give credit to the a relaxation hypnosis program entitled Inner World of Tranquility in aiding that change. It was the first relaxation tape I had ever listened to and it had a lasting impact on my life.

Relaxation CD programs such as the Inner World of Tranquility opens you up to your unlimited potential. They can be used to quiet the nerves before taking an examination, testifying in court, speaking in public, approaching someone special for a date, or if you're considering career change provide you an image for the attainment of your goals and development of your potentials.


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Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. NGH certified, a prominent figure in the personal change field. To use the same incredible hypnotic program to change careers that he did please go to visit 
He has several websites with self help materials:
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Inner World of Tranquility--The Wonders of You--Activating Self Motivation

Just as I have difficulty imagining anyone skipping elementary school, I really can't imagine any not having had the experience of listening to track 5 of this CD --it's that inspiring.  The original author of track 5 is unknown. I first heard this tape by the original author in 1975. At that time I was an unhappy, introverted, unconfident, and shy chemical engineer. The suggestions on this program allowed me to visualize myself as confident, out going, and successful. Over the next two years I listened to it many times and made a career change from chemical engineering into human engineering--specializing in the fields of hypnosis and stress management which has been with me for the last twenty five years. 

Four years later I found a copy of the copy of the tape (no label to credit the original author). The audio was so distorted that I had to transcribe the tape and record it in my voice for the benefit of others. I always relied on the cassette before going on a date to overcome my shyness, before testifying in court, or any event about which I might be nervous or anxious. The tape was originally called "Inner Tranquility" and is track five of the cd. It could just as easily be named, "The Greatness of You," or "The Magic Within," or "The Wonders of You." Like I have difficulty imagining anyone skipping elementary school, I have difficulty imagining anyone not having heard this recording. It's that fantastic. I named the program "Activating Self Motivation" as it was instrumental in motivating  me in my life and because I didn't want it to escape your attention, I've named it several different titles on the main page of this website. 

This is the one hypnotic program that not only takes you deeper and deeper into relaxation each and every time you use it, but also has you envision the "greatness" within you to surmount any obstacle or accomplish any goal in your life. Ideal to use if you're considering a career change or want to reduce test anxiety or develop test taking skills, or before testifying in court, or before going on a new date, or before going for a job interview, or...
Over the years many students have used it to reduce test anxiety and develop test taking skills.

Whether using it for relaxing for a date, relaxing for court appearance, making a career change, using it for test taking... you'll do better than you ordinarily would have done without it.

With this program, Letting go becomes a way of life. Profound improvements in your life circumstances may be anticipated as a result of a new found peace. A mental relaxation allows you to drain all the the mental and physical tensions from your body followed by suggestions to visualize the greatness within you. The beauty of the suggestions are that you don't have to have visualization powers to get in touch with your greatness--your potential. It is indeed perfect to use before taking tests/exams to reduce test anxiety, develop test taking skills, starting or changing careers, going on that first date, testifying in court, your first day on the new job, taking your driver's test, and so on.

Added bonus--Many listeners have reported "out of the body" experiences.


Activating Self Motivation CD $19.95

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