Hypnosis--Choosing a Hypnotist or Personal Improvement Plan Program
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Choosing a Hypnotist or Self Help MP3 Personal Improvement Plan Downloads

You're either looking for a hypnotists for self improvement or searching on the internet for a hypnosis self help CD or audio tape program. If you're looking for a professional hypnotist the best one is one who is referred to you by a client or patient (a true testimonial). If no referral exists, the first thing is to make sure he/she is certified to do hypnosis by a recognized agency such as the National Guild of Hypnotists. If some other agency, Google the agency to determine if the agency is bonafide. Fees range from $50 per half hour to $200. Some charge session by session whereas others ask for a series of sessions (usually three or four) to be paid up front. Session by session is not necessarily the best approach but certainly if there is a personality conflict you're limited to that one hypnosis session.

In the absence of a personal referral check with the local chamber of commerce or better business bureau to review any complaints. Avoid those who:

• talk down to you.

• won't answer your questions.

• won't keep your information confidential.

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It's always a good idea to ask for testimonials or go to their website for testimonials.

While there, check for the biography and their mission statement. If they provide success rates, ask for any data to substantiate their conclusions. For stop smoking and weight management (two typical problems for which hypnosis is used) often 70 or 80% success rates are claimed. Remember, national averages of only around 11% of those who stop smoking stay stopped for a year and only 5% of those who shed weight keep it off for a year. Thus the 70% unless substantiated by real statistics is usually one remembering a few successes and forgetting many clients who came a session or two and never came back. In reality anyone who is achieving 35 to 40% success rates in these two areas is doing very good.

Generally results are not guaranteed--just as doctors can't guarantee results. The guarantee is that you will receive their utmost attention and expertise to your issues during the time of your visit.

Most hypnotists do an intake where they gather information about you. Then there's usually what is called a "pre-talk" where they tell you what to expect in terms of what you'll feel and observe while in trance.

Most hypnotists will do the hypnosis in person with you; on occasion, you'll have a hypnotist who will program a recording device to deliver the suggestions as you sit in a chair with a headset. Some have special chairs that vibrate or headsets with blinking lights and background sound using specific frequencies. I can't say there's any particular advantage to these "bells and whistles." It's really a matter of personal preference.

Hypnotists often give talks at libraries or for various clubs. Ask if any are scheduled and attend the event.

If you're searching for a self help program through the internet, you'll find a wide variety of programs available. The question is: Does the description of the approach in the program make sense to you? Rule of thumb, just don't rely on a description that says, "Listen to this program and you'll notice dramatic improvement!" Truth is that 30% will improve using any program--it's called the placebo effect. And that's nice, however, if you're not in that 30% it's unlikely you're going to give another program a shot. And that's kind of silly, isn't it? After all if you took your car to a mechanic and he charged you to fix the car and it still didn't work well, would you never take your car to another mechanic?

Or if you went to one dentist and he didn't do a great job, would you never go to another dentist?

But, because of this possibility of you only giving it one shot, then research several programs designed for a similar purpose and choose the one that makes the most sense to you.

If I told you that I could have you have all your dentistry done without any analgesic such as Novocain, you'd probably find that a stretch. Yet if I told you how it's done, then even though you'd still be doubtful, it would make enough sense to the point you'd give it a shot.

This same power resides in all of us. It's the job of the hypnotist to guide each of us in unleashing that power to work for us.

Experience: Certainly someone who has been in practice for several years would be a logical choice.

Follow these guidelines to choose a hypnotist or a self help self hypnosis audio tape program and you will have taken all reasonable cautions.


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Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. NGH certified, a prominent figure in the personal change field. His aim is to make it possible for anyone desiring to become more assertive and confident to do so.
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Five things any self confidence building program should have.

1. Effective coaching. Before you can build confidence, it's important to identify and stop the habits erode your confidence. Unless the program you choose addresses the unconscious mental programs that erode your self confidence, it's like using a band-aid on a stomach ulcer. Gallows's laugh, poor posture, compliment give away, chameleon, door man give away, jealousy, perfectionism, are just a few habits the program coaches you in overcoming.

2. Does the program address fear? To be effective a confidence building program must address the fear of what others think of them. What you Think of Me is None of My Business is the name of a book by Rev. Terry Cole Whittaker and also the theme of this program.

3. There is the limbic (emotional primitive), brain and the reticular (thinking), brain. While the reticular brain may comprehend the goals, the limbic brain often lags reticular brain. This can be particularly frustrating and unless this is dealt with effectively, it's real easy to abandon the program. This program is aimed at bringing the limbic brain up to date to agree with the reticular brain.

4. Does the program address assertiveness? You can pretend (act) that you are confident but unless there is coaching as to exactly what options you have, you'll be at loss for the actual words to give your new confidence back bone. This program gives you the nine bill of rights of assertiveness training and the verbiage to go with them.

5.. Many programs use subliminal suggestions and don't tell you what they are; or, they use highly complex suggestions which can not be processed by the subconscious brain. Because of how the brain processes words and phrases, many suggestions used actually erode self confidence. The programs I use all define the subliminal suggestions used--no hidden messages.

This program combines coaching, assertive training skills, subliminal suggestions, and the power of hypnosis to release your true potential.    

Assertiveness and Self Confidence Builder CD Program $24.95 

Self Confidence Builder E-book   $14.95

Total Value: $39.90 for just $24.95

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