Hypnosis and the Conflicting Conscious Subconscious Mind

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Hypnosis and the Conflicting Conscious Subconscious Mind

Guess what? If the conscious and subconscious mind were in complete agreement, you'd achieve all your goals. There would be no need for psychotherapy, counselors, hypnotists using hypnosis, psychiatrists, social workers... The reality is that we end up accepting and sometimes creating self limiting suggestions. Suggestions about what we do and don't deserve, what we can and can't do, how we fit in and don't fit in with others, what emotions we should have and which we shouldn't. And even though our conscious mind may believe that we deserve everything, can do anything we desire, and that we are as good as any other human being, our subconscious may be stuck with beliefs to the contrary that work against ourselves.

They say we only use about 11% of our brain power. From my experience, I believe we actually may use 100%. The only problem is that 89% of it is in direct conflict resulting in the use of 11%.

For example, Jane came to me complaining of depression. In our first session when asked about her relationship with her parents she told me how close she was with her mother and how hateful her father was. In fact she blamed her dad for her mother's death. I then asked where her dad was and she told me that she had him move in with her, her husband and two children since her mother had passed. I asked her how she now feels about her dad now and she in half a statement/half a question, "you're supposed to love your dad, aren't you?"

Within Jane we find two opposing beliefs about her father:

1. Her father was hateful and probably drove her mother crazy and

led to her death.

2. She's supposed to love her father.

The inability to resolve these beliefs led to her depression.

Opposing conflicting beliefs don't always contribute to this severe of a problem--they can simply stand in the way of success, contribute to shyness, discord in relationships...

If you ever got upset with yourself because for some reason you didn't live up to your expectations, you may have an idea as to what this is about. You say, "why did I react that way, I knew better!" This is because even though you consciously know how you want to react in a situation, your subconscious mind causes you to react differently. Not knowing this, you get upset with yourself saying, "Why am I so stupid? I knew better than to do that!"

Dr. Joyce Brothers explained this best in noting that the subconscious mind lags the conscious mind. The goal is to bring the unconscious portion of the mind up-to-date to agree with the conscious understanding. It's like when I first brought a cuckoo clock home. When it cuckooed my subconscious awakened me. My conscious knew it was only a clock and I went back to sleep. This occurred a few more times until the message from my conscious mind finally got through to the subconscious which then stopped waking me.

Any hypnotist or any cd program using hypnosis that is successful effectively aids the client or user in identifying the conflicts between the conscious and subconscious mind. And then creatively supports the client or user to resolve them. Specific hypnotic suggestions are used to bring the subconscious mind up-to-date to agree with the new conscious understanding.

This approach is used for weight loss, stop smoking, overcoming fears, failure mechanisms, fear of public speaking...


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Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. NGH certified, a prominent figure in the personal change field. His aim is to make it possible for anyone who wants to master public speaking to do so.
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Yes, there can be freedom from the fear of public speaking. This is the one program that provides public speaking tips that point you in the right direction.

This classic program is accomplishes the same as other programs requiring a half dozen cds and costing well over $200 to accomplish the same results. 

Causes of public speaking anxiety, the fear of public speaking: The root cause of the fear of public speaking is generally a sensitizing event at an early age. Perhaps during "show and tell" in grammar school there was an embarrassing moment. Or perhaps, simply by observing someone else freeze during "show and tell," the thought, "I hope that doesn't happen to me.  What would I do if it did?" And guess what, the apprehension built along with the butterflies and the student froze in front of his/her peers and from that day forth, it became public speaking anxiety, or the fear of public speaking.

Physical symptoms of public speaking anxiety or the fear of public speaking: Lots of sweat gland activity, upper chest breathing, butterflies in the stomach, sometimes muscle tension and associated pain in the shoulders, neck or head, and hypersensitivity to visual and auditory stimulus (the audience). The voice is raspy and or faint and a dryness of the mouth. There's generally a thought--a fear--that he/she won't remember the presentation, lose his/her place, faint, look stupid, dumb, and so on.

The fear of public speaking and public speaking anxiety can have a large price tag--passing up promotions at work because the promotion may involve making a presentation to his/her peers.

Therapies for Overcoming public speaking anxiety:    
1. Medically one's physician or psychiatrist may  prescribe something like valium, Zanex, or Zoloft, (if there's associated depression)
2. Therapeutically one might undergo various forms of counseling or therapies such as:
    Behavioral modification and cognitive shifting.
    Past life age regression
    General therapy treating the public speaking phobias as a symptom of a larger problem from childhood.   
Specific Techniques for Phobia:
       Flooding--placing the phobic in the fear producing situation and forcing him/her to stay there until the fear dissolves. For example, throwing the person who is afraid of water into a swimming pool 
       Desensitization--a hierarchy is set up by the person experiencing the public speaking phobia. He/she chooses ten places or events that produce from zero - to - 100% anxiety. For instance, zero might be on a warm beach feeling the sun during vacation. Ten percent anxiety might be knowing that there might be a presentation to give a month from now and 100 % would be when walking up to the stage to give the presentation. The therapist uses visual imagery, biofeedback, meditation, hypnosis and or self hypnosis. Some therapists may integrate one or more of these tools
3. Dale Carnegie and Toastmasters' programs. 
4. Other miscellaneous therapies. Every type of therapist has had some success with the public speaking phobia. Little wonder then one might find rebirthers, Raike healers, psychics, nutritionists, acupuncturists, and so on--each having their own brand of therapy. 

Whatever therapy one chooses, depending on the severity of the public speaking anxiety and fear of public speaking,  medical help may be beneficial and definitely nutritional balance is paramount.

Let's not get confused. We're not just talking about simple butterflies in the tummy, this is the kind of anxiety that completely debilitates the sufferer.   There are over 100 different recognized phobias and public speaking phobia is just one of many. 

This is the one program that combines nutrition and hypnotic desensitization with a cognitive shift that frees the phobic from the conditioned reaction in relatively a few number of sessions. The only thing missing on this tape is the biofeedback instrument used which is really a fool proof feedback tool for the counselor/therapist.

The program begins by having the person suffering from the phobia/s changing the name of it from phobia to a problem--problems have solutions. Then a hierarchy is established, i.e. a list of ten steps where the person accesses the level of anxiety associated with each step from a place where he/she is perfectly relaxed to where he/she feels 100% anxiety.

Next, the client through a cognitive shift learns how to shift from feeling like he/she is his/her own worst enemy to her/his best friend. He/she gains a full comprehension of the fear (fight/flight) response so it can work for him/her instead of against him/her and does behavioral modification in one's own comfort level. 

This is the one program that makes mastery of public speaking an a, b, c experience, i.e., you do this, that, and the end result is freedom.

All in all, everyone is different. One out of 30 people who listen to this program just once free themselves of public speaking anxiety as if by magic. With all that they've done, the program with public speaking tips is the catalyst that makes it all make sense. But don't expect it to work that way for you. You may not be that far along the path or have been going in the wrong direction and it may take a few weeks with a supportive counselor to put it all together for yourself. 

Mastery of Public Speaking - 2 CD's $29.90 

Choose whether you want the self help mp3 downloads or the actual Cds

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