Overcoming Depression with Stress Management Hypnosis

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A remarkable invitation to enhance your life without having to leave your home. Little known secrets about the source of depression and how to get out of it.

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Overcoming Depression with Stress Management Hypnosis

Depression, often times a product of an identity crisis, can be hell. My client, John (referred to me by his doctor), looked at me and said, "I just can't get out of bed in the morning. I look at my 90 yr old mother knowing in just another twenty three years my body will look like that. And whenever I visit her she says, 'I want to get it over with and die.'

We all observed a powerful President Regan reduced to the limitations of Alzheimer's disease. I once thought I'd become a successful business man and am now retired owing a lot of money with a few nest eggs that will never make me rich. One of the commentators in the movie The Secret said the purpose of life is what we make it. My purpose has come and gone. Some owe me money and I doubt that I'll ever get paid. What does it matter anyway? Most people would look at me and ask, "Why's he depressed, he has a beautiful young fun-to-be-with wife, CEO of his own business that runs itself, a beautiful home that many would die for..."

John was in the midst of an identity crisis brought on by semi retirement from having recently relinquished control of his business. Unlike most clients, he acknowledged he was depressed and felt guilty for being depressed. No mater how much he fought it, it persisted.

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With many clients suffering from depression there is a love hate dichotomy. There's a person or situation which for some reason they for a variety of reasons should like but in reality they hate the situation and can't allow themselves to feel the hate.

Example, Lyn's father came to live with her after her mother died. As a child she hated her dad and blamed him for his mother's death. I found it ironic that she'd take him in and asked her how she feels about her father now. She answered, "you're supposed to love your father, aren't you?"

The inability for her to resolve this love-hate relationship resulted in depression.

I had John make a list of all the reasons he shouldn't feel depressed. Some of them were:

"It's no fun."

"I don't even like being around myself."

"I feel like I'm an ingrate."

We dealt with his sudden loss of self esteem. Then, rather than continue the path of fighting depression I coached John in how to embrace the depression, acknowledge his resistance to it and bring into play option training.

As a result of the option training, after the third session he said, "I received a photo of a toddler my cousin just adopted--it was angelic. I placed it on the dining table and every time I looked at it I smiled and then other things began happening. I began picking up jewels from the things I read. Sometimes I forgot what it feels like to be depressed and the times I do feel depressed, I simply go with it, stop fighting it and before I know it, I've generated some enthusiasm to do something.

As John's wife had ten more years before retirement, he quickly realized he wasn't ready to retire and he became more active in his company. He also plans to do volunteer work.

In summary, conquering depression is to:

1. Acknowledge being depressed.

2. Learn to embrace the emotion.

3. Acknowledge the resistance to feeling depressed.

4. Aim the creative intelligence for options such as:

Learning from the experience.

Benefiting from the experience.

Seeing it from a different point of view.

Prospering from the experience.

This along with creative hypnosis releases the subconscious mind to find enthusiasm and meaning in life.


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Overcome Depression CD $24.95 

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