Stress Techniques For Taking Care of Elderly Parents

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Stress Techniques for Taking Care of Elderly Parents

Taking Care or Elderly Parents can be very stressful. When they are feeling ill, there's an endless list of doctor's appointments and tests. Every doctor's appointment seems to result in a medical test which in turn results in another doctor's appointment. And doctors are never on time. In fact it usually takes over an hour for a doctor's appointment and you don't get paid for waiting. Medical tests? Another wait for the test and some of these tests take up to three or more hours. Doctors and hospitals can become an unwelcome way of life.

Personally, my mother has complained of fatigue, stomach and abdominal issues, and hemorrhoids for years. In addition to that she suffered from brain fog and memory loss. In the midst of her ailments I suffered from doctor's remorse with all the appointments and trips to the hospital emergency room, testing facilities...

Her abdominal issues were due to Candida Albicans which were fueled by her adolescent desire to eat carbohydrates in the form of fruit and little protein. Of all the choices for protein the only one I could get her to eat was hamburger. When it came to vegetables forget it.

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In desperation I bought a vita mix and began making her a drink with one clove of garlic, a stalk of celery, a carrot, and a small red beet. I also added a probiotic to the drink along with some protein powder. Fortunately, she welcomed it and within a few weeks and her modified diet (limited carbohydrates) plus Golden Seal before meals, the Candida was brought under control and her memory improved significantly. A stool sample showed that she had the type of Candida that would respond to Golden Seal or oregano.

Her health and memory improved to an acceptable level. Instead of doctor's appointments which resulted in the doctor shaking his head in confusion and ordering more tests on a weekly basis we went to every three or four weeks.

She also complained of poor vision in one eye and we consulted an ophthalmologist. She was as healthy as she had been in years so I thought it a good opportunity to have her get her cataract operation.

Even though the procedure was done outside the hospital in just a few hours it was tremendously stressful for her physiology. Brain fog and memory loss returned immediately. I had to guide her three times a day over the phone in how to apply the three different drops in her eye. She could not remember the basics and was very anxious about getting it right.

In just one day her mental and physical health slid back to zero and the special vegetable drink seemed to have little value.

One morning as I rode to work I was listening to a station that I never listen to. I didn't know if it was an infomercial, an interview, or an expensive advertisement, but it was about vitamin B12, folic acid and Vitamin B6. My ears perked up as it was a means of replacing B12 shots she was getting every other week. The irony was that after she had the shot she became fatigued for a day and overall we couldn't see any value in the shots plus it was another unwelcome reason to wait in the doctor's office another hour every other week.

The radio infomercial (if that's what it was) indicated that B12, B6 and folic acid were meant to be in combination and went on to indicate that if this product were given to all seniors, their health and memories would dramatically improve. The good news was that the B12, B6, and folic acid were administered sublingually (under the tongue) rather than in a shot and that to get things started, the person taking the treatment should take it at least once each day. Being a stress management specialist and a person somewhat in tune with nutrition, everything said made a lot of sense to me and for around $30 for a month's supply I thought the risk was minimal plus I was desperate.

Each tablet is equivalent to a B12 shot and just after two days my mother's memory improved to the point I didn't need to guide her through how to use the eye drops. After six weeks, her memory improved dramatically and her brain fog is no more and fatigue is greatly diminished. Her hemorrhoids have also improved which her doctor attributes to using Tucks and magnesium oxide cream instead of baby wipes and doctor's appointments are every six weeks.

I have no financial interest in this product and don't resell it. I am merely passing along what I feel is valuable information that can make a difference in dealing with elderly parents. If you are interested go to to learn more. I also take it because it is also beneficial to prevent heart disease (an option to playing the cholesterol game).

What about my stress? I'm a firm believer in deep breathing. Years ago I discovered the use of a relaxation conditioning exercise. It starts by associating different numbers (from 1-to-ten) with different parts of the body and ends with reducing the effects of stress by taking a deep breadth and counting mentally back from ten-to-one as I exhale. When I do this tension simply dissolves from my body. But stress is relentless and may soon reappear. The good news is that this deep breadth is free and I can do it as often as I desire and whenever I desire. It's my oasis from the effects of stress.

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