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––––– Conquer Emotional Eating to Lose Weight –––––

The largest contributing factor to being overweight is the eating of emotional feelings. The true way to managing your weight is to conquer emotional eating. However, for decades the weight problem has been approached with diets (an awareness technique). The result is that most overeaters hypnotized into believing that they really have an eating problem. Sure, those who are overweight definitely would agree that they have a food or an eating problem, but the truth is that excessive eating is only a symptom.

Let's analyze. If you believe you have a weight problem, take the following quiz.

What do you often do when you feel:

• frustrated? • unhappy? • bored? • happy? • excited? • angry? • upset?

• like rewarding yourself? • depressed?

If you "eat" in response to one or more of these questions, you are an emotional eater. Yet, very few programs or approaches focus on dealing with emotions, most programs focus on the habit of eating. The truth is that eating is only a symptom of one's ineptness at managing emotions. It could be one or more emotions. 

The fact is that those who eat excessively use food to dilute various emotions. For instance, you're bored and there's nothing to do so you grab a snack. Or, you got a lot accomplished so you eat to reward yourself. You're happy being with your friends so you have a treat to celebrate a good time. Or, maybe you're angry or upset about something so you eat two portions at dinner to sooth yourself. Or maybe, you are stressed and under pressure so you eat a bag of chips to relieve the pressure and stressful feelings.

But that's not all--there are other emotions such as uncertainty, confusion, depression... Food is also used to dilute those emotions and feelings. The irony is that it matters little whether the emotions are good or bad feelings.

Yet, when it comes to taking emotions straight, most of us have no idea how to do that and leave food out of the process.

It's far more important to get a handle on how to deal with emotions than it is to step on the scale as focusing on the scale can be very disappointing. In fact sometimes you might actually think that the scale is in a conspiracy against you for when you absolutely know that you've been controlling your food intake and should have lost weight, the scale actually shows a slight gain.

The reality is that focusing on the scale doesn't empower you to be a better more enlightened person--learn how to manage and handle emotions and you'll be empowered in all aspects of your life. 

Let's start with an understanding of how emotions originate. The experience of emotions come from the limbic brain which is the first part of the brain to have developed. Much later the rational thinking reticular portion of the brain was developed as language was developed. 

Generally there is a similar characteristic in all of us which determines which emotion we feel. And that characteristic is our expectations. Actually each of us are a walking set of expectations. As things happen as we expect them to happen, we are likely to feel joyful, happy, fulfilled, excited... and as things develop contrary to our desires we are likely to feel frustrated, upset, uncertain, angry, bored, confused... 

With the advent of biofeedback back in the 60's, many researchers studied the possibility of controlling our emotions through the use of brain wave biofeedback. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it turned out to be an impractical goal. Over the long haul we actually learned that when we try to control something we are actually giving power to it over us.

A far more realistic goal is to learn how to feel and embrace emotion. For when you stop resisting emotion (and that's what you do when you eat excessively or snack) and allow yourself to truly feel the emotion it disappears along with any needs to dilute the emotion with food. You can literally stop eating emotional feelings.

Yes, you can actually forget about food and gain satisfaction from the means by which you manage your life. And added benefit is that doing this also builds self confidence and self esteem allowing you to conquer emotional eating successfully. You eat what you really want and to find that what you really want is far more nutritious and less in quantity that ever before imagined.


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