Control Eating Habit--Portion Food Wisely
to Lose Weight
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Control Your Eating Habit--Portion Food Wisely to Lose Weight

Control your eating habit to lose weight. Portioning your food is just one of many techniques to conquer poor eating habits. The cost of lack of food control is obesity along with all the associated health and self image issues.

If all overeating were because of habit, it would be easy to lose weight and keep it off. The problem is that the over eating problem has been primarily treated as a habit. And the most effective techniques for changing habits is awareness.  Most techniques and programs such as Weight Watchers is about becoming more aware. These programs use one or a combination of the following:

• Calorie counting.
• Diets which makes you aware of specific foods allowed and quantities.
• Behavioral modification such as eating slowly, putting the fork down between bites...
• Weighing Food
• Food Equivalents
• Stop thinking techniques

True, these techniques work for a period of time. However, over time there is a break down to the change. The old eating habit returns to cause weight gain and then some--the yo-yo. 

Let's define "eating out of habit". For instance stopping at Dunkin Doughnuts every morning on your way to work is a habit. Or if you come home every afternoon, walk through the living room into the kitchen, and then open the refrigerator door--it's a habit. 

Break the habit by breaking the behavior. Take a different route to work--find another activity in the afternoon. Or, if you do come home, climb in a window instead of walking through the front door. 

Practically any of one of these techniques is effective in breaking the eating habit and weight comes off until... The "until" is usually an emotional stress at which point all the effort "goes caput."

There are two factors that end diets or whatever awareness technique that was being used:

1. Self degradation. You get very upset with yourself and begin to wonder if you have a "mental problem." You call yourself dumb, stupid... and believe that this one incursion has completely ruined all your past success and may even gorge to get even with yourself. In other words, you have become your own worst enemy. 

2. You are totally ill equipped to handle the stressful emotion. The disappointment or success that led to the emotion snow balls into stress in handling the emotion. This is because most of us have been trained to control emotions, avoid them, or pretend they don't exist.

Even success leads to emotion--happiness. It's amazing how many don't allow themselves to feel happy. "Don't be too happy, you'll set yourself up for the big let down," is just one of several beliefs they've acquired towards happiness. 

A book could be written about all the other emotions such as boredom, upset, confusion, frustration, anger, depression... 

All the good work achieved to control eating habit. Portion control and everything else is "caput." When we learn to treat ourselves lovingly instead of self put-downs and embrace emotion instead of denying them, changing eating habit is a natural process. 


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Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. NGH certified, a prominent figure in the personal development field. His goal is to provide all the tools one needs to successfully deal with emotional eating.
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