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Stop Emotional Eating to Lose Weight

You can stop emotional eating by knowing the difference between eating from habit and eating emotional stress. 

Yes, at any given time you can be eating because of emotional stress or from habit. What is eating from habit, and how can you tell the difference?

Basically eating from habit is being at a certain place or a certain time. For instance, you stop by a Dunkin Doughnuts on your way to work every morning. Or you come home every afternoon, walk in the front door, through the living room, into the kitchen, and open the refrigerator door. 

The best technique to deal with eating from habit is awareness. For most of history, overeating has been approached strictly by using awareness techniques--dealing with the habitual. These techniques could be any of the following:

• Diets
• Counting Calories
• Putting forks down between bites
• Equivalents
• Take a deep breadth before eating

Quite frankly, if eating from habit were the only reason you overeat, this is all that you'd need. However, more recently we've become aware of the connection between stress and overeating and none of these awareness techniques address eating emotional stress. This is why everyone who uses these techniques experiences some weight loss and eventually gains it all back. 

Dealing with eating emotional stress component requires a completely different approach. Back to the main question, how do you tell whether you are a habitual or an emotional eater at any given time? The answer is not totally clearly identified by your behavior. This means that the most effective means of handling excessive eating is to go through a quick process of elimination. 

First, we simply assume that it's habitual eating in nature and treat it accordingly. An awareness technique that I suggest is to use a shift in thinking (cognition) which requires no more than a few seconds. If it is indeed habitual, by using the shift in thinking, you leave the food alone and forget about it. If on the other hand the shift in thinking results in temptation to eat, then it is clearly emotional eating!

To overcome emotional eating it's important to learn to embrace the context of the emotion and stop diluting it with food. First you acknowledge the specific emotion--no need to justify it or judge it--just notice the emotion and then introduce the option of choice--and that is to take the emotion straight or to dilute it with food. 

Now here comes the critical part. Since you may be new to the concept of embracing emotion, it would be normal for you to continue diluting the emotion with food. Until this is accomplished, the goal is for you to move to a loving of self from which there is total acceptance (a building of self worth) at which point, you are able to say, "I have stopped diluting the feeling of (whatever). I may be uncertain as to how to handle the situation, one thing I know is that I have stopped diluting my feelings." And this is done one day at a time. 

It's amazing for you acquaint yourself with the relationship between food and emotions you can never cheat again--it's simply no longer in the vocabulary. 

To stop emotional eating--eating emotional stress is to recognize the difference between eating from habit and eating emotional. Overcoming emotional eating is to learn to embrace the emotion at the moment and take it straight. 


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