Popular Uses of Hypnosis Why Most People Use It
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Popular Uses of Hypnosis--Why Most People Use It.

The better question is, "For what can't it be used?" In actuality there's nothing for which it can no be used.

For every known type of operation--even open heart surgery, hypnosis has been successfully used at least once in lieu of anesthesia. Hypnosis is also used to control bleeding and facilitate speed of recovery.

The more popularly known uses of hypnosis are for weight management, stopping smoking, and stress management. Suggestions are used for turning off one's desire to smoke or eat excessively or non nutritiously and to be relaxed in the face of stressful situation. I have devised suggestions to manage habitual eating, emotional eating and self defeative eating. 

In reality, for just about every use, there's an expert. For instance, from my personal experience in handling dental pain, I can say I'm an expert on painless dentistry and produced a CD program for that purpose. That's right, you can have fillings, caps, and even root canals without the use of Novocain--that's how powerful suggestion can be. However, I would not say I'm an expert on painless surgery although what I do with painless dentistry could be easily used with surgery.

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There are those who are familiar with the twelve steps of AA and Al-anon who are experts in utilizing hypnosis for drug addiction and alcoholism.

Some are experts at dealing with the symptoms of PMS (premenstrual stress) and other endocrine related health issues. Hypnosis can also aid in dealing with Bi Polar, ADHD, and schizophrenia.

Some are experts in applying hypnosis to epilepsy, paralysis, MS, AIDS, cancer... to improve the quality of life and in some cases facilitate cure. Note that it is unethical for one to work with medical problems unless the one practicing hypnosis has a degree in medicine or has a referral from the supervising physician.

Hypnosis can be used for child birth conditioning and of course the benefits are enhanced if used in conjunction with La Maze breathing techniques.

Hypnosis is a very effective tool to facilitate building of confidence, self esteem, overcoming shyness, attracting romance, improving study habits, sports performance...

A special form of hypnosis--wakened hypnosis--is most effective for dealing with anxiety panic attack. I've found that it's best to avoid eye closure when working with a anxiety panic attack as eye closure techniques (the most popular technique) facilitates internal focus. Internal focus can bring on a panic attack whereas eyes open techniques facilitate external focus which allow the person suffering from panic attack to relax.

Hypnosis has been used to facilitate increased breast size through the use of suggestion and visualization. It's also used to overcome sexual issues--performance, frigidity, impotence... or simply to overcome hang-ups and enhance the enjoyment of the intimate sexual experience.

Hypnosis is also the best technique to delve into past life experiences. Therapeutically past life hypnosis can be used to overcome many of the clients' "today" mental and health problems by theoretically locating the source of the problem in a past life.

Often times it takes years of experience and then months of work to put it all together. Special Applications: Even though I worked in private practice with countless individuals going through life crisis, it took me 18 months to produce a cd to Over Come Life Crisis. Well, let me correct that. I actually produced the program four times before I was satisfied with the result. Hypnosis is used for overcoming rejection through loss of a relationship--break-up, divorce, death. We become addicted relationships and life circumstances much the same way as we become addicted to drugs, food, smoking... It's these stressful loses that require special intense suggestive hypnotic techniques.

Hypnosis can be used effectively for dealing with anger, depression, and other emotional issues.

It can also be used for overcoming failure mechanisms that stand in the way of success as well as the mechanisms that stand in the way of relationships prospering.

With children it's used to eliminate bed wetting, build confidence, deal with separation or divorce, improve study habits, sports...

Magic. It's not uncommon to be hypnotized and feel no differently. Perhaps for a few weeks and then suddenly one notices that changes have occurred. Yes, some changes that occur seem magical in nature. You look at yourself and say, "Gosh, I can't believe that's me--I really did that!"

Hypnosis is more that the power of positive thinking. It's the "art of suggestion" to bypass critical thinking so positive thinking can be a reality.

As powerful as hypnosis is, other sciences such as nutrition, awareness stress management techniques are often to incorporate for ultimate success.

In summary, hypnosis is effectively used for every conceivable issue that confronts man kind. There is an expert somewhere at the art of suggestion for that particular issue. On my website, you'll find over 50 programs developed from years of professional or substantial personal experience. If you're looking for a subject other than what you find there, call the National Guild of Hypnotists at 407-678-7928 for more information.


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Secrets of Hypnosis (Hypnosis Explained) CD     $19.95 

Choose whether you want the self help mp3 downloads or the actual CD's

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