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Career Opportunities in Red Bank, NJ.

Therapist Wanted to work in Biofeedback and Hypnosis Center 
Qualifications: Licensed Health Care Professional, Psychologist, social worker or Biofeedback Clinician with MSW degree with a minimum of 1 year clinical experience. 

Career Opportunity: Stress management utilizing biofeedback, hypnosis, nutrition working with clients on a one-to-one basis. Part time leading to full time.

Will train clinician in biofeedback and hypnosis techniques for specialization for treatment of anxiety and panic attacks, colitis, ileitis, as well as standard methods for treatment of headache, migraine, and other muscle tension problems.

Ideal position for MSW social workers who want a more affluent client base and to develop a specialized skill. 

Pay scale is negotiable and based on client hours.

To apply send resume to Biofeedback and Hypnosis Center, 28 Tindall Rd. Middletown, NJ 07748.

Go to panic busters.com to learn basic philosophy of approach for anxiety and panic attacks.

Weight Management Counselor

Qualifications: Experience in leading small groups.

Career Opportunity: weight management group leader. Part time!

Will train group leader in application of hypnosis in managing emotional eating.

Pay scale based on group size.

To learn more about the weight management program, click here.

To apply send resume to Richard Kuhns, 28 Tindall Rd., Middletown, NJ 07748

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