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Are Calcium Pills Really worth the money?

The answer is a resounding "NO," and that's for several reasons. Because: 
 the carbonate, gluconate, lactate, or citrate or even the dolemite form of 

  • Calcium are much less than 100% bioavailable--some less than 10%. Fact--calcium carbonate is chalk dust. Imagine licking a chalk board to supply your calcium needs.   
  • At best they only have one function. 

How do you get you calcium--not only calcium but all your mineral needs fulfilled?

The answer is with ionic forms of calcium and minerals overcome these deficiencies and provide so much more. As you read the following, first read it for the product value, and then should you have any interest in extra income, read it again. 

WARNING: Don't purchase this product to try it for a month or two. That's really like saying to someone who knew no better, "try wearing underwear for two months to see if you feel better." There are sufficient references given throughout this report with graphic results of scientific studies that demonstrate one thing--this product is the most important one from which you should base all your nutritional supplements--no other nutritional product does as much--it fact Xooma is the product that enhances the value of every nutritional product you use. Yes, it costs about three times the cost of calcium pills and provides you more than ten times the nutrient value that calcium pills provide. If you need calcium, you need XoomaTM!

Introducing Xooma -- A Phenomenal Product with a Phenomenal Earning Potential 

Would you like to earn $4,000 per month with a purchase for yourself of only $30 per month and only two customers each buying only $30 per month of product? The numbers don’t add up, how can that be?

Answer: Each of your customers (only two) have the same opportunity to earn the same $4,000 per month with each continuing the purchase of only $30 per month of product and obtain two customers each buying only $30 per month of product. And each of their customers has the same opportunity to earn $4,000 per month by doing the same thing you did—find two more customers who each purchase only $30 per month of product.

And here’s thee good news-- You don’t even have to stock any product—it’s delivered automatically from the company on a monthly basis.

Now, this would only be a “get rich quick pyramid scheme” where you get to hold the bag if it weren’t for the incredible product, so let me tell you about the product. If you already know you want to either order on an automatic monthly basis and save around $10 per month or if you know you want to build a business with great earning potential, go to and click on Join Xooma now just under the video screen. Then select the option to join as a distributor--whether you desire to build extra income or simply save money, this is the option that will work--you don't actually have to work on building a business to save money. 

Actually, everyone should be taking Xoomna and the world would be a healthier place if everyone—all ages were using this product. I think doctors might have to get retrained for other careers—it’s that good. I’ve been using it for three years and never skip a day.

Let me tell you about my mother’s experience. She has suffered for years with brain fog and low energy because of Lyme. I buy reverse osmosis water for her and add it to her water. She always questions why I’m putting it in her water and tells me she doesn’t want to be taking a bunch of junk. On three different occasions, I forgot to add the product when I switched her 5 gal bottle for a new one thinking I’d get back to her in a day or two to do so. Well, a day or so stretched into four or five and ends with a call from her telling me she can’t go on any longer—no energy, brain fog… At first I didn’t make the connection and we’d discuss all the things she was eating (hypoglycemic) and if she was taking her multivitamins, and her amour thyroid. She was doing everything she was supposed to do at which time she’d ask me to make an appointment either with the doctor or an undertaker. I choose to call the doctor for an appointment. BUT, her calling me (not her) reminded me that I had forgotten to add this product to her water and within hours I did so.

By the time she had the doctor’s appointment, the brain fog lifted and her energy returned and the doctor wondered why she came for an appointment.

Over the course of six months, I goofed three times by forgetting to take the product for her water and by the third time it was obvious that there was definitely a correlation. The proof of the pudding though was during a trip we made to relatives—a four hour drive for three days. We drank water from a well (good pure country stuff from the top of a small mountain—no contaminates. My mother started out feeling fine and by the third day all the brain fog and low energy returned. In fact she was feeling so badly we returned home a half day earlier and within three days (dinking fortified water) she was rid of the brain fog and the fatigue. Now go figure. The product is Xooma which really seems to xoom my mother and I won’t ever make the mistake of switching water bottles without adding the product. I tell her I’m energizing her water and she doesn’t question me about it any more.

Now, I could write volumes of similar stories where for instance a man had an accident handling a boat. It rolled over onto his thumb and flattened it. After a month or so of doctoring, the doctor was getting ready to amputate. Fortunately for him he attended a lecture given by Tom Weber, Easter Sales Manager, and in desperation invested $40—that’s what it cost when it was sold as Sango Coral Calcium (Xooma is same product at lower price with and now with an amazing reward structure.  

I’ve never talked about the reward structure, God forbid you might think I might earn a few dollars if you purchase it, so I’ve always focused on the health potential and guess what, people buy the product for a month or so and then stop and I can’t figure why. Is it because they notice no immediate difference? One couple used it a month and much to their surprise, the next blood-work they had showed dramatic improvement—proof positive. They purchased for another six months and then maybe they lost the phone number, or… But then, maybe I should have let them know about the earning potential and gotten them also excited from that angle--$4,000+ a month with only two regular customers—wow—no stock on the Dow will do that for $30 per month.  Oh, yes, the company does have two quick start packages for prospective dealers, one for $125 and the other for $199.00. They both have a lot of sales training and marketing—how to build a lead base.

Oh, the guy with the boat, he drank the infused water (three or four bags a day as opposed to one or two) and he saturated his wound (a painful thing to remove that bandage) two or three times a day with the infused water and with his next doctor’s appointment, his doctor was asking him why the improvement. He was out of the “woods” so to speak, kept his thumb which is slightly disfigured, totally functional and pain free today.

Yes, the product is Xooma.

For a billion reasons every child should be using it if for no other reason than to help offset the onslaught of the damage from carbonated beverages (if you allow them into your home). Now there’s a kicker, oodles of money spent by our society on flavored carbonated water (soda) which does nothing but destroy our calcium balance and contribute to hypoglycemia—the forerunner to diabetes. Xooma is a source of ionic calcium. Yes years ago—about 20 in fact, the big thing was colloidal minerals and I would drive 15 minutes to the only health food store in the area that stocked it and spent $17 on a bottle of it. I’d let the nasty tasting stuff stay under my tongue for a minute before swallowing so it would be absorbed more effectively. I can understand why people stop taking colloidal minerals.

The newest craze on the block is green drinks and get rid of proteins from the diet—especially meats. Green drinks contribute to alkalizing your body. Doctors today know that we don’t die from cancer, TB, influenza… We die from acidosis—the body getting too acidic which fosters the growth of viruses, bacteria, and cancer. Xooma contributes to alkalizing your body by raising the pH of your system. And if you want to switch from meat to green drinks—it’s a healthy move, and Xooma will be even more effective.

Xooma also serves as a chelating agent to aid in removal of heavy metals from the liver and wherever else they accumulate—that’s xooma power and alone is worth $30/month.

Alright, I’ll be honest with you. Many of you don’t know my age and it’s not a secret. I just turned 60 in May of 2006—the big 6  0!!! And my goal is to reach 100+.  But then with my gray beard, my facial features give the appearance of being in my late 60’s. My fiancée wants me to lose the beard so I look her age—49. Overall, I feel like and have the body of a 30 yr old.

Xooma was discovered in Japan many decades ago as Sango Coral Calcium where the inhabitant’s drinking water was affected by the coral and the typical age of the inhabitants are from 110 to 120 and in excellent health. Ponce de Leon went to the wrong country! This benefit alone is worth $30/month to me. Go to where you will find over 100 pages of studies done concerning the effects of this product on diabetes, adsorption of oxygen in the blood, osteoporosis… My only criticism is that they show a lot of graphs and don’t really explain what they mean, but many you can figure out on your own or you can send an email to a coral calcium guru to get more information.

I’ve been taking the Complete Nutritional System multivitamin by Rainbow light—the one I always recommend available in most health food stores—for at least 25 years. It is loaded with minerals and I will never stop taking it for a dozen reasons. Yet, I don’t take it for the minerals; I take it for the balance of vitamins and it’s hypoallergenic qualities. I know the minerals are poorly adsorbed which is why I joined the colloidal mineral craze twenty years ago. Xooma supplies every mineral I need (not in colloidal form) but in ionic form which is far superior as my body has to do exactly nothing to utilize it; and a two week supply of colloidal minerals back then were around $17. Xooma is a bargain for this reason alone.

Ok, you chemistry buffs say, “ionic calcium, Ca++ meets up with stomach acid and you end up with Ca++Cl2 thus rendering the calcium ineffective. If I remember my college chemistry correctly, we’re in an aqueous acidic solution with the calcium ions in equilibrium with the chloride ions—as opposed to an insoluble salt--available to move on to more interesting chores such as into your blood stream where it can benefit your neuro transmitters. 

Now, if you’re drinking lots of carbonated beverages, then the calcium gets used up by the carbonate radical and you do end up with calcium carbonate—chalk in your tummy which is what Tums is—an antacid which you may not need. It is still in equilibrium with your stomach acids, but the equilibrium favors it staying more in the solid form. Oh, and if you take a lot of Tums, try consuming the coral (it’s not sand like some other products) but actually coral which can be consumed. It has far more porosity than Tums. Click here or go to for the microscopy.

I forgot something—free radical damage. Another reason Xooma is worth $30/month is just for its antioxidant value. It’s the big craze today. Free radicals do real damage to our bodies. Deepak Chopra is the only person I know of that believes that antioxidants are a waste of time and money—at least that was his stand in one of his earlier books—Timeless Mind, Timeless Body. Maybe he’s right, but everyone else moves to neutralize free radicals and one of Xooma’s natural qualities is the hydroxyl ion which in a day’s supply supplies billions of antioxidants to your body. Now, I must be honest—Xooma only has one type of antioxidant of the many that may be required for a complete approach. Add Xooma to the pomegranate you’re probably already taking and the cocoa you flavor your pancakes with and you have a pretty powerful antioxidant program.

And there’s a grape  and or lemon extract for flavoring available to add to Xooma if desired to create a water tastier than soda—more about that later!

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re interest in Xooma is peaked. Remember in a previous update I mentioned its water purification properties--added to any water, it will destroy any bacteria or virus rendering the water drinkable. It’s been used in third world countries for that very reason.  They have a recorded message at (620) 294-1532 of an interview with a nutritionist who goes into many of the benefits. Make the call and listen for yourself.  

To start your pyramid and that’s what this is—you’re at the top. Simply click here or go to and click on the “join Xooma now” link on the far right of the top navigation bar. If you have time, click on the other links or some in the left tool bar of this page re coral calcium to learn more about the fantastic benefits. This product even affects the rouleau effect (where low is good)—the ability of your blood to carry oxygen. High alkalinity creates low erythrocyte rouleau (red cells are single, not sticking together, and results in the erythrocytes having a high oxygen carrying ability). The blood serum of all test subjects initially showed no rouleau as viewed through the phase contrast, darkfield microscope. Therefore, the blood serum of all test subjects was alkaline in nature.

After you click on join Xooma, to qualify for building your pyramid, click on the distributor link. Here, you will place your own order for Xooma delivered to the address of your choice on a monthly basis and be assigned your own distributor ID from which you can have others join under you so they will go to www.xoomaworldwide/yourname to join. You’ll also find that a grape and lemon extract is available for flavoring which adds in many more antioxidants to the drink. I’m uncertain if this extract is compatible with the diet.

  So why not go for the best product in the world for:

  1. providing your body with over 70 ionic minerals in balanced amounts
  2. alkalizing your body
  3. helping chelate heavy toxic minerals like mercury and lead
  4. supplying needed antioxidants
  5. hydration—new one—forgot to mention this one, but just as important as all the others*
  6. improved oxygen carrying capacity of hemoglobin.
  7. purifying your drinking water.

  • hydration. Well, actually this is most likely part of the secret of those who live to be 100+ years. Our body completely remakes itself every six months—every cell is replaced with new ones. If old cells die prematurely, then the number of times duplicate cells need be made may be dramatically increased. It’s like making digital copies of a cd. Theoretically, you can use the original cd to make an exact copy and you can use that cd to make another exact copy and use this new copy to make another exact copy. At some point though, the copies will differ in quality to the original cd. Theoretically, this is supposed to be in infinite thing if the duplicator works perfectly every time, but we live in a real world filled with stress where at some point, there’s going to be a problem. Same is true for the human body. If our cells can be kept alive for their full intended duration, fewer copies have to be made overall—make sense? So 80 years can be stretched to 110.
  • Now what causes cells to die? Bacteria, viruses and the like and poor hydration. Actually more cells are lost to poor hydration (unless you always have a cold or a virus) than to any other reason. To live, cells need food (nutrition). Water, H2O crosses the cellular barrier to deliver the nutrients and then crosses back with the waste products (lactic acid as in muscle tissue). If the cell doesn’t get the nutrients it’s starved and if it doesn’t get rid of the waste products it can die in its own excrement.
  • All this seems like there should be no problem except for the fact that the water molecule has a lot of molecular bonds which actually contributes to it being more like H20O10 instead of H2O. Now this simple feat is not always so easy as the water available may sometimes require more work from the cell to allow passage. Xooma solves this problem by reducing the surface tension—neutralizing the molecular bonds—so that water is more like H2O instead of H20O10. Thus your cells are more likely to live their normal life which is a large part of why those Japanese lived well into a hundred in GOOD HEALH.

    Click here or go to to take advantage of this tremendous product and earning potential. Then click on "Join Xooma" now just under the video screen. And then select the option to join as a distributor--whether you desire to build extra income or simply save money, this is the option that will work--you don't actually have to work on building a business to save money. Questions, call me at my cell number 732-671-1085 and be healthy and well.


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A one hour presentation  entitled "Wakened Hypnosis in the treatment of Anxiety and Panic Attacks —New Treatment For Anxiety, Panic Attacks And Associated Depression" which demonstrated a success rate of 80% was presented by Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. on 8/14/05 to over 100 professionals during the National Guild of Hypnosis, NGH, national convention held in Marlborough, Masse. For a video of the presentation, contact the National Guild. It will be given once again during the Aug 2006 Convention to be held at the Royal Plaza Hotel in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Dates for the convention are from 8/11/06 thru 8/13/06.
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