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Thirty years of private practice have demonstrated a connection between one's personality and the type of stress related illnesses they develop. Specific stress management techniques have been developed as effective stress relievers for those prone to heart conditions, stomach problems, anxiety, migraine headache... 

This site offers the most advanced effective two day taped or live workplace stress management program as well as individual cassette programs for specific stress reduction and stress management techniques 

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Is your Mind Minded By Stress ? How to B.S. (Beat Stress) Program     $695.95  


A complete six cassette program that provides an in-depth analysis of the factors and elements contributing to stress overloads. Nutrition, exercise and mind conditioning techniques are taught as a means for stress management, relaxation, maintaining or achieving excellent health, creativity and efficiency. It’s truly the first comprehensive program to manage stress. Never before has the subject been so thoroughly handled in such an easy to understand manner. It is already being regarded as a milestone in the industry. Difficult economic times, personal pressures and uncertainties about the future make this program a must for today.

What they’re saying about the program;
“your course on stress management has enabled me to unwind at the end of a particularly difficult business day. It has also instilled in me a large measure of confidence just knowing that the effects of stress can be managed.”

“I found this course to be a very significant, meaningful experience. Especially meaningful for me were concept such as self-affirmation and learning to feel `right’ about being whoever you are. I happened upon the program at a very critical time in my personal development, and have found it most important to my business and work life.”

“I now know when I’m feeling stress by the way my body reacts and I deal with it very well by using the way the program taught me to handle my thoughts and take one step at a  time. Just by being aware of what makes me feel stressful has helped me feel less stress.”

Type A behavior run amuck can translate into many serious health and psychological problems. In fact your personality traits coupled with a type A drive determines which of the following serious health you may have. The programs empower you to identify how your type A thinking and personality feed into each of the following health and psychological problems.

$24.95       $19.95        

Many suspect that depression is hormonal. Question, can frame of mind effect hormonal balance? I believe so. Most of my clients who suffered from depression have discovered that by creating a healthy frame of mind with specific cognitions, nutrition, and lifestyle habits they could lift depression.

Type A Behavior

STRONG HEALTHY HEART     $24.95    $19.95     

The ABC’s of diet, exercise, and self-regulation are given in simple and easy to understand language. If you are a Type A personality, i.e., a tough competitor, perfectionist, hard worker, and oh no, have been told by your doctor that you are prone to heart attack, or that you should learn to take it easy and avoid getting; too caught up in things, then this program is a must. By making some simple changes you can remain competitive, successful, and improve you chances of living a long healthy life.

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