Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis for Painless Dentistry
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See why this title is not an oxymoron. 

Painless Dentistry with Self Hypnosis cd...

 $19.95     $14.77

Free Seven Part Report "Discover the Little Known Secrets--What makes Hypnosis Work" and Monthly Stress Management TipsSM Bulletin

Painless Dentistry

Painless Dentistry CD

Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis for Painless Dentistry

If I told you that I could have you have painless dentistry--all your dentistry done without any analgesic such as Novocain, you'd probably find that a stretch. Yet if I told you how painless dentistry is done, then even though you'd still be doubtful, it would make more sense, right? (Please avoid confusing this with fear of dentists--that a different issue which uses a different technique.) This is also not to be confused with glove anesthesia. Glove anesthesia is when a subject is hypnotized to a level of five out of a scale of six and told that their hand is numb. Then they are instructed to position the numb hand against the jaw where the dental work is to be done and suggested that the numbness be transferred. To do this requires a fairly deep hypnotic subject and it wouldn't work for me as I have yet to experience a depth past two on the six scale. I'm  only a light hypnotic subject. 

It's true, I'm not a deep hypnosis subject and I feel everything. I'm not capable of blocking pain, but then I don't have to block pain--all I have to do is convert it. And that's the power of the mind. Of course it helps to get practice on a regular basis which I don't do because I don't need dental work every 6 months so I begin to forget the power that I have. Most of us forget the power that we have. At some point in our lives we each experienced that power in some way, shape or fashion, but with all life's stressors and the up's and downs we forget that power and even begin to doubt ourselves.

For instance, just last week I had three fillings to be done. Now a few years ago I had a cap installed with no anesthesia using my painless dentistry technique. That's a bit more of a challenge than a filling, right? (Not really, in fact this same technique can be used for a root canal).

This last time, the assistant was new and didn't read my chart. I mentioned that I never use Novocain and she went into a long dissertation on how basically everyone uses it and how many can't even bear the thought of the slightest pain--a lot of negative counter productive suggestion on her part for which I didn't ask! Isn't it amazing how some others just feel compelled to give their advice?

The dentist came in and he forgot to read the chart too as his first question was, "Shall we numb that for you?" I was beginning to think there was a conspiracy, but I've been seeing him long enough to know it was just a matter of fact question on his part--no other intention.

I simply said, "NO!" and he proceeded with his instruments.

I must admit that with all this doubt around me, I actually began to doubt my choice to skip the Novocain. But then, I remembered that's it's been 15 years since I last had Novocain for this sort of thing and remembering my formula (suggestion sequence) and I simply reminded myself that I've had painless dentistry many times before. The first two fillings were in two of my front lower teeth and I actually felt nothing.

Oh, you probably are wondering about my suggestion sequence! It's only three things to do. Following is a summary.

1. Breadth management.

2. Always keep checking for muscular tension in your legs, arms, hands, body and let it go.

3. Flood your mind with one magical thought to transfer anything felt into something else--something pleasant.

At this point I was really glad I didn't do any Novocain as I felt nothing. But then from where he was drilling, there was no possibility of pain. Next he began on a cavity in the side of one on my bottom molars. A few seconds and I felt what most would describe as pain. I checked my breathing, noticed my legs and arms tightening, relaxed them and began flooding my mind with the magical suggestion and converted that feeling to something pleasant.

Before I knew it, he was packing my tooth and I was so glad I would be free of enduring hours of Novocain wearing off.

Why did I ever attempt painless dentistry? Years ago I earned most of my living from conducting stop smoking, weight management, and stress management seminars--a lot of public speaking. And for years I'd suffer through the Novocain until there was a time when the numbness didn't wear off in a few hours. The numbness continued for weeks jeopardizing my speaking career. I was biting  the inside of my cheeks on a regular basis and found  enunciation of many words very difficult. Fortunately the numbness did eventually wear off and I decided that I never wanted to jeopardize my speaking career again--motivation to put what I knew and thought would work into practice. Likewise I imagine that if you're reading this article, you also have a strong motivation to stay away from analgesia of any kind.  

This same power resides in all of us. And with some direction, you can run off to the dentist and use it just as I discovered it would work. No one ever hypnotized me or even gave me those suggestions--I did it from what I know about the power of the mind, self hypnosis, and utilization of stress management techniques--deep breathing and letting go of muscular tension (this is called centering)-all of which when practiced produce real results. And believe me, the biggest problem is to deal with the negative suggestions you might get from the dentist and his/her assistant.

Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. NGH certified, a prominent figure in the personal development field. His aim is to make it possible for anyone requiring painless dentistry to do so. For more information please visit http://www.DStressDoc.com/PainlessDentistry.htm 

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Painless Dentistry with self hypnosis CD

$19.95     $14.77


Free Seven Part Report "Discover the Little Known Secrets--What makes Hypnosis Work" and Monthly Stress Management TipsSM Bulletin

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