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Just $33.15 for a bottle of 180 tabs.
Sold in most health food stores for

The original green foods multiple, our Complete Nutritional System multivitamin includes over 1,500 mg of green foods to support your body’s natural production of energy, to help you get through your busy day and work great for improving the immune sytem. Complete Nutritional Supplement tablets also cover your daily nutritional needs, providing a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals for optimal health.
Recommended usage: 3 tabs/day. See below for a personal testimony.
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  Sold in most health food stores for $37.95  $33.15

 Personal Testimony:

I grew up in rural farming America--meat, potatoes, mushy overcooked vegetables (I avoided like the plague) and Grand-ma's chocolate cake (I ate for breakfast and after dinner desert) were my staples. Vitamins?  what were they?

By the time I was in college, I had very low resistance to colds and the flu. Never did I think to make a connection between my eating habits and my sickly existence.  By the time I graduated college, got married and started my career in engineering, my life was one big cycle:
sore throat for two days
two-to-three days high fevers (sometimes delirious)
trip to the doctor for antibiotics
8-to-10 weeks recovery from bronchial infection
one to two weeks of normal health until I took a chill, got caught in the rain, worked to a sweat and... the cycle would start all over again.  I even showed a low sperm count and what few I had were crippled. 
This went on for an additional eight years. My eating habits improved significantly but made no difference. I had no idea as to how to go about improving my immune system and the physicians only made recommendations about using psyohex soap to reduce infection. 

I began a stress management clinic in 1976. I read every issue of prevention magazine and began taking many different vitamins and supplements and still suffered from the same ridiculous cycle year after year.
In search of vitamin supplements, I found one with a specific ratio of vitamin B1 to B2. It was the Complete Nutritional System by Rainbow Light. Over the next few years I noticed improvement in my immune system. I could often stop the cycle at the sore throat level by using massive doses of vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Zinc in addition to using the Complete Nutritional System. The cycle frequency was also reduced to once a year. 
That was 10 years ago. Today, every new day is started with 3 tabs of the Complete Nutritional System, Sango Coral Calcium, and two thousand milligrams of Vitamin C (without which at age 58, I get pains in the joints and feel like I'm 90 yrs old). 

I now feel strong and healthy--not weak and helpless. Oh, yes, I fathered the greatest son a father could ever want in 1989. 

I'm not saying the Complete Nutritional System is the only Multi Vitamin and multi mineral that could do this. In my opinion it's one of the best nutritional supplements and is the one that did it for me. I continue to take it because:
1. it has the right balance of B vitamins (many have 50 or 100 mgs of each)
2. it has the right amounts and ratios of minerals.
3. has no brewers yeast.
4. is completely hypoallergenic.
5. has no additives such as glycols, glycerin...

  Sold in most health food stores for $37.95  $33.15

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