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Finding it a problem to close?  Here’s a quick and proven method to improve your closing ratio with subconscious sales.

SALES for Closing Sales

Sales Presentations Made Easy and Natural with Subconscious Selling Hypnosis Sales Training Sleep Tape--developed by the Stress Management Institute.

  Subconscious Sales close out cassette value   $24.95        $9.95   

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Improve Closing Ratio
Sales Training for Closing Sales

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Subconscious Sales
Imagine this. You're in one of your very important sales presentations. Normally about the time you'd get half way through your presentation you'd begin to get anxious, but this time you mentally step back, begin taking a few deep breadths and your composure and confidence come through for you. Instead of feeling the pressure, you are relaxed and responses to your prospects' questions flow easily to mind. Selling is a natural thing as you intuitively know when to close. You leave with the sale, have a good feeling of having contributed value to your customer and experience a sense of accomplishment. A dream? Absolutely not! You can achieve your unlimited sales potential with this one subconscious sales training hypnosis program. Just play it as you go to sleep. Your subconscious records the suggestions as you relax and drift asleep.

Whether you are selling a product or service, you are always selling yourself. Free yourself from your limitations, reach your goals, gain self confidence, and feel great at  closing sales. It's the power of hypnotic sales that empowers you to improve closing ratio.

Side 1 of this self help tape lays a foundation for the suggestions with sales training and improves your sales presentations. It provides a means of discovering your unconscious resistance that keep you from achieving your potential in closing sales. And there's more. This is the one sales training program that introduces you to your new best friend--you.

Side 2 of this self help tape uses hypnosis to dissolve your resistance to achieving your potential in closing sales, builds confidence, turns "no's" into the excitement of meeting the next prospect, and turns your self doubts into sales.

This self improvement tape utilizes far more sophisticated levels of cognition than any other program on the market. Generally, you'd have to invest a hundred or more dollars for a sales training program containing a half dozen or more cassettes to gain the comparable value as this one cassette tape delivers. And that's a promise you can count on.  A bargain considering if you miss just one sale, you could lose many times the investment in this one sales management skill program!

How you use it. Listen to side one of the sales training program two or three times per week. This portion of the program is for your conscious mind. It lays a foundation for delivering effective sales presentations. It truly is the sales training program for for which you were looking. 

Listen to side #2 of the sales training tape every night as you go to sleep. Caution: never listen to this side while driving a vehicle. This side is for your subconscious mind. Subliminal suggestions are planted on this side which by pass the critical thinking mind and go direct to your subconscious mind which is why the sales training program is called subconscious sales.  The subliminal suggestions along with the hypnotic audible suggestions enhance subconscious selling, the development of effective sales presentations for successfully closing sales. 

Money Back Guarantee: Use the program as directed for 30 days. Although one out of 20 people using the program will experience an immediate uplifting improvement in closing sales, others begin the process. Suggestions are generally likened to seeds. There's a germination period. If after using this self improvement tape for 30 days you feel that you've received no benefit whatsoever, simply return the program and receive a full refund. What do you have to lose except for low closing ratios? Order this subconscious sales training program using hypnosis today.
    $24.95        $9.95   


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