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* Healthy diet tips
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Naturally Build Muscle

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How to gain muscle & burn-off fat with hardcore diet/training program

Max Your Weight Training
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Max Your Weight Training
Revolutionary technology increases strength/endurance 40% in minutes.
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Body Building
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Body Fitness Guide

Fitness is the most important thing in ones life. If you are fit you will automatically be able to enjoy life.
Body fitness is basically a broad term which includes:

● Physical fitness

● Mental fitness

You do not need to worry if you are a bit over weight or want to have a nicely built up body or have any other fitness related problem because you have reached the right place and will definitely find the solution here.

On our site you can find various Body building tips, the right body building & home fitness equipments for you, and don't forget to check the special section on Weight loss and Yoga & for people with high level of sugar there is information on diabetes & the latest blood glucose testing equipment which gives the most accurate results.

5 Fitness Myths that are responsible for many fitness failures

Below are some common misconceptions among people with regard to exercise and nutrition:

1.Metabolism slows down after you reach 30.

Never, the slow down in metabolism is due to a loss of muscle tissue. And the loss of muscle tissue is is due to decrease in the amount of physical work or exercise you do.

2.Bread and pasta increase fat in body.

Anything (any food or drink), which contains calories, converts into body fat if it increases your blood sugar levels than the amount needed by your body at that time. Bread and pasta have high amount of complex carbohydrates. The basic factor behind fat is how much you eat - not what you eat. More over take a proper diet including all the Vitamins.

3.You gain fat because you don't exercise

You don't gain body fat because you don't exercise but you gain it because your blood glucose levels exceed the limits. This simply means you are eating too many calories at one time.

4.Eating in the evening will make you fat.

It depends on whether or not the body needs calories at that time.Since your body is burning calories 24 hours per day, just the amount varies. So before you sleep you should eat light because while sleeping body burns fewer calories .

5.Strength training will bulk you up

This question is generally asked by women. Muscle size is primordially affected by genes you have and your hormone production; therefore, most women are unable to build very large muscles.

The six great enemies of good health are

1. Faulty diet.

Insufficient food, overeating, hasty eating, eating wrong and badly cooked food.

2. Inadequate exercise

A walk to the station, a week-end game,household duties, or manual labor, are not sufficient. A planned system of exercise based on your needs and the time available is an absolute necessity.

3. Poor hygiene

Adequate care must be taken of the skin, teeth, feet and hands.

4. Faulty posture

Many occupations put uneven stresses on the body. Sedentary work restricts proper functioning of the lungs and intestines. Regular bodybuilding exercise is necessary to correct these faults.

5. Wrong mental attitude

Circumstance, work and environment may encourage a negative attitude, developing fears for the future, indecision, uncertainty. Regular bodybuilding exercise is necessary to change these states.

6. Bad habits

Too little relaxation, insufficient sleep, over-indulgence in alcohol and smoking, have no place in the life of those who want to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

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