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I. Introduction
A. Outline of Program
B. What Hypnosis Is
     1. What relaxation is and how it feels.
     2. What hypnosis feels like.
     3. Dehypnotize 
     4. One out of 20 attendees forgets about smoking at end of session.
     5. Statistics of the program
C. Weight Gain
     1. Reasons why people gain weight.
     2. Suggestions to cancel these beliefs (reasons)
D. Study Suggestions
     1. I am not going to smoke. I don't smoke anymore.
     2. I am going to try to quit smoking.
     3. I am giving up and doing without smoking.
E. Lay foundation for post hypnotic suggestion.
     1. Stress Management technique
     2. Suggestions that work.
     3. Motivation to stop
     4. Powerful suggestion to forget about smoking.
     5. Practice post hypnotic.
F. Single largest reason why people go back to smoking, "I can just have one."
G. Unconscious reasons that keep one smoking
     1. Method to uncover negativity
     2. Method to dissolve negativity
     3. Application of post hypnotic
H.  Affirm Commitment to stop smoking
I.  Keeping one's word.
J. Break
K. How others profit and suggestions to keep them from effecting you.
L. Relaxation and the Hypnosis.
M. Wake up
N. Congratulations and dismissal.

Total time is approximately 2 hours including a 15 minute break