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I have exciting cd programs for you. Exciting because they produce results. You'll notice three levels of pricing. The standard programs, listed for under $10.oo, are comparable to all other programs you'll find on the internet. Well, not really! These programs are guaranteed to produce relaxation in the most resistant person. In fact, programs like Deep Relaxation and Astral Journey are so good that listeners often report having "out of body" experiences .

The advanced programs, listed in the $15 range, are a cut above the rest. In fact to obtain as much information, instruction, direction, relaxation, and results, one would have to spend $79 to $100 or more on comparable programs consisting of two to four cds.

Then there deluxe advanced programs, listed for $20+. These are light years ahead of the rest, and complete with subliminal suggestions where appropriate. Take for instance the Falling In And Out of Love Program. Anyone suffering from loss of a loved one either by death or rejection in a relationship can not only end the "bottomless pit" syndrome but climb out of it smiling within days or weeks. If there were a comparable program available it would require 10 cds at the cost of $150+ to accomplish the same.

What's new are the series. It would be nice if we each only had one problem or issue with which to deal, but in reality, often times we have several issues hindering our success at any one time and that's what gave birth to the various series. You'll notice that several individual programs such as Building Self Worth are in more than one series which means these programs are underlying issues in several areas of our lives. The benefit to you is that if you order more than one series with the same program, you can substitute other programs at your discretion. 



Go ahead, order one of the Cybernetics programs, or a Nighten Gale Connant program. Listen to them--not saying you won't benefit. Go through the long drawn out programs and listen to all the promises of what you can do with it. Then order one of my programs. You'll see an amazing difference--rather than being full of promises and giving a regime of self-study that few ever complete, my programs "cut to the chase" and DO!

And they do more faster and with less effort for the listener than programs costing a hundred dollars or more.

And who today has time to go through cassette after cassette for weeks upon weeks to get results?  

Why should anyone go off and buy an expensive cassette program from someone else when you can get far better programs from me at a fraction of the cost?

Do They Work?  Here’s What Listeners Have Reported:
“Since I’ve been listening to your “Meet that Man” program, I’ve met more than I’ve dreamed possible—they just seem to be coming out of the woodwork.”

“I want Astral Journey, making Relationships Work, Public Speaking Hypnosis Explained, Get Well Soon, Rip Van Winckel and Weight Management #1  ASAP Your programs really made a difference in a friend’s life.”

“I gave your Astral Journey program to a friend and now I feel lost. I looked forward to it like some people look forward to a warm bath”

“I let a guest enjoy my home, and when he left he took my tapes. Life just isn’t the same without my Astral Journey and Deep Relaxation programs”.

“We’ve used your programs to make so many lonely evenings into stimulating and interesting evenings. They strengthen our relationship  in that they give us an opportunity to talk about things that we otherwise would be hesitant to share.”

“I am in receipt of the Self Confidence program. It is a beautiful message.... Already I am holding my head high.”

“I was deeply depressed until I listened to our Success program. While I’m still not  “out of the woods” yet, I am much more relaxed and confident about my future.”

“I’m impressed. I’ve gotten tapes from many other sources and yours is the first that I’d recommend to others. Your voice is so soothing.”

“Having your voice to focus on just makes going to sleep so easy.”

“Just received the five tapes I ordered and wanted to tell you how wonderful they are. It’s a totally relaxing beautiful experience and I’m an easily tense person. Thank you so much for sending them so fast.”

“I feel helpless—I just want to go to the roof top and shut to the world how great your programs are. Everyone would love them.”

  Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Yes, use the programs as directed for 30 days and if you feel that you have not gained value from the program, return it and request a refund. Note: you must use the program for 30 days to qualify for the money back guarantee. The reason this is so is that when we're working with changes in human behavior, it may take as long as 21 days for the suggestions to begin working. If programs are returned prior to the 30 day period of time are for equal dollar exchange in programs only. 

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