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Coral Calcium, the "King of Minerals," immediately benefits the body in Ionic form.

Did you know that the pH of your body can vary? pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity which is dependent on your diet and physical health. If you're having difficulties dealing with stress and or your diet is suffering, the pH of your body can become acidic. 

Why be concerned about acidity or alkalinity of your body? Simple, disease loves acidity. That's right, the more acidic your body is the better an environment it is for bacteria, virus, fungus, yeast, and yes, even cancers. 

How can you get your body on the alkaline side? The most effective way is to arm your body with not just any coral calcium, but Alka-line marine grade Okinawa Coral Calcium. 

Calcium is 35% of your mineral make up. The calcium and minerals in Alka-Line Coral Calcium become ionic when added to water, allowing spontaneous filtration of the liquid. The purified liquid becomes a proper environment for the body to process nutrients and dispose of toxins, free radicals, bacteria and other waste products. 

Okinawa coral calcium is in the Ca++ OH- ionic form. The hydroxyl radical (OH-) increases the pH of your blood stream within minutes of ingestion, as can be verified by Dark-Field microscopy, and continued use moves your body to the alkaline side away from the desired environment of disease. Of course learning how to manage stress--easier done when you are nutritionally balanced) and eating alkaline foods can also be helpful in creating your body as a healthy environment for you to live instead of disease. 

Okinawa Coral Calcium also hydrates your body. Water quality is grossly underestimated by the general population when it come to determining a proper health regimen. Herein, lies one of the fundamental differences between Sango Okinawa Coral calcium and all others on the market--Sango Okinawa Coral Calcium is ionic--not colloidal. Click here to see the difference.

Water intake, so basic, an natural in earlier cultures, is vastly neglected today. But even when water intake is emphasized, lack of water quality can greatly negate the benefits of water intake. 

Since the human body is composed of 70% water and your blood is 90%, the quality of water entering the body is crucial to overall health. Why be an environmentalist trying to clean up the ocean, rivers and steams, when at the same time you pollute the water reservoir of our own body. 

Coral Calcium is the answer. By adding a small amount of Alka-Line Coral Calcium to the ordinary drinking water and alkaline PH of 7.5 to 10.5 was achieved. Scientists have long known that the maintenance of an alkaline body fluid pH is critical to cellular health. Degenerative diseases live and proliferate in an acidic environment. 

And now you can do something about it. There's more. You minimize or prevent over 150 diseases that are connected with calcium deficiencies from occurring. By using distilled water, you gain the maximum value.

As the body's demand for calcium continues, it must obtain it from  the bone tissue (bank), where it's been stored until more food is consumed.

It's a beautiful balance and a work of art that continues forever except for a few stressful factors: 

1. Stress: There are stresses in life that activate the adrenal glands. These are the normal everyday aggravations. However, for some individuals they learn a pattern of over reacting (make mountains out of mole hills). This personality--Type A in origin--is a prime candidate for various forms of arthritis. Their over reactive personalities overwork the adrenals requiring exceptional supplies of Calcium which literally sucks the ionic calcium out of the bone far faster than it can be replenished. Maybe you've seen this person. He/she is going mentally nuts looking everywhere for the car keys totally unaware of them in his/her hands. If you are an over reactive personality, then you definitely want to incorporate stress management techniques into your life.

2. Nutrient Stress: There are nutritional stresses that have diminished the quantities of minerals in our nations food supply. Yes, the spinach we eat today has only perhaps 30% of the mineral value it had 30 years ago. This is because the fertilizers used to grow the foods do not replenish the minerals that the foods take from the soil. Instead they are heavily phosphorous based which does little for human metabolism. End result is a calcium deficiency.

3. Nutritional Stress: There are nutritional stress factors in the foods we eat or drink. Forty years ago, root beer was a very tasty fermented drink--a special treat for special occasions. Then the soft drink business learned the quick and dirty way of carbonating water and adding fructose (sugar), to somewhat mimic the taste of the old time drinks. Of course if you had one of those old time drinks, and then drank a cola of today, you'd feel sickened from the sugar and false fermentation, but none the less, today's grocery stores are proliferated with isles of this stuff. The problem is that the carbonation increases the acidity level. After all, the soft drink is carbonic acid, H2CO2. With increased acidity levels, the body requires more calcium to neutralize--it takes 32 glasses of alkaline water at a pH of 9 to neutralize just one 12 oz soda. 
Subject a young child to soda abuse during the years of initial bone growth and you now have a candidate later in life for a multitude of diseases.

4. Inadequate Supply of Effective Calcium: Most calcium supplements that we take to offset this travesty are of no more value than licking chalk from the chalk board. And as distasteful as that sounds, that's how useful this Calcium Carbonate is to your body. Why? Calcium is the one mineral that's easy to make into calcium carbonate. However, calcium carbonate is a very non reactive compound. It can't be converted into ionic calcium very easily. And it's almost impossible to chemically make, (for a reasonable price), or find an ionic version of Calcium to add to a multiple vitamin or a liquid drink. Years ago, colloidal minerals were introduced to the market. Even those were generally highly deficient in bio available minerals. Click here to learn more. Thus the calcium supplements that are taken to offset the loss of calcium from one's bones for the most part simply pass through the body without being metabolized or used. It's like swallowing marbles--straight through. But then, sometimes it doesn't pass straight through. Sometimes because of other biochemical anomalies, the calcium deposits and creates bone spurs, kidney stones, and so on. This is an irony, i.e. it appears that one has too much calcium and should reduce calcium intake. This is partially true--one should reduce certain types of calcium intake such as calcium carbonate and other non bioavailable forms. Thus, even though the individual has a calcium overload, he/she also has a calcium deficiency--deficiency in the right type of calcium.   

5. One's Own Food Preference: Some foods are acidic and some are alkaline. For optimum results, one's eating habits should be balanced, i.e., your natural preference of foods should contain a balance of acidic and alkaline foods. However, some individuals simply acquire a natural preference for higher levels of acidic foods thus stressing their nutritional stress and inadvertently creating a healthy environment for  disease. List of acidic and alkaline foods.

*osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's just to name a few .

The solution is Coral Calcium Supplements. The Coral Calcium Supplement has bio available calcium to eliminate calcium deficiency. Because ionic calcium is an antioxidant, it is an anti aging agent.  

Nature's Gift Ionic Minerals

The solution--Coral Calcium--Okinawa Sango Coral Calcium 

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Alka-LineTM Coral Calcium packaged as Nature's Gift™ shown above-- a one month supply of 30 1 gram bags. Easy to use. Just drop a bag into a quart of water, shake, wait 15 minutes and drink.  $40.00 .

Minerals are important and unfortunately most mineral supplements have ingredients that are not on the diet.
The best source of minerals I know of (diet or no diet) is Nature's Gift™ ionic minerals. It's coral calcium which when added to water release over seventy trace balanced minerals in ionic from. You can read about it on my self personal change and stress techniques for your personal improvement plan site. Order 1,2, or 3 packets each month.

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