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Sango Ionic Coral Calcium Supplement is the one product that gives you the most bioavailable source of calcium and give you the greatest chance of staying healthy and living a long healthy life. You can it order at the bottom of this page. Ionic Coral Calcium supplement is different than any other calcium supplement product on the market.

The discovery of Sango Coral Calcium begins with the following story:

"Worlds' Oldest Living Man Documented by Guinness Book of Records
In 1979, a British journalist from the Guinness Book of Records went on assignment to the islands of Okinawa and Tokumoshima off the coast of Japan to interview Shigechiyo Isumi, the world's oldest documented living person. What he found was  man 115 years old with remarkably good health and vitality who had worked until the age of 105. Investigating further, the journalist discovered Mr. Isumi was not the exception. Most of the islands' inhabitants were physically fit, had low incidences of serious illness, and enjoyed long health life-span.                                                                                       

Interested in studying this further, the journalist persuaded Mr. Isumi to submit to a medical checkup. the results were even more amazing. How could a person of his age possibly be so healthy? Soon, a team of researchers arrived and made an important discovery.  They found that all the islanders had one thing in common. The water they drank was different than water found anywhere else in the world! Amazingly, Mr. Isumi lived healthy until the age of 121 when he died of pneumonia. 

Sango Coral is the only coral out of 2,500 species with the unique purification quality.

The key was to find why the water was so pure. They learned these particular islands were built up from the coral reefs like so many other islands. but there was a difference. These coral reefs weren't found anywhere else in the world. The reefs were Sango Coral, the only coral out of 2,500 species with unique filtering qualities. A study of Sango Coral show it is composed of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, trace mineral and many other microscopic elements essential ho human life. The composition of the Sango coral is identical to that of the human skeleton and is widely used for bone grafts throughout the world."1.
Since this discovery, the search for the fountain of youth has become a fad. If you search the internet for "coral calcium" you will find hundreds of sites for coral calcium. Everyone and his brother have clamored to produce their brand of ionic coral calcium--most claiming to have the famous Sango Coral Calcium from Japan. 
So who do you believe and how can you tell who has the real McCoy? And, what, another product like the expensive colloidal mineral that didn't seem to do much good 20 years ago? 

Facts: "The Japanese government controls the mining of Sango Coral."

1. "For over two decades the Japanese government in Okinawa, Japan has controlled and mined the fossilized coral sands that have accumulated on the sea floor around the islands..." 
2. A unique process was researched, developed, and patented by Mr. Nobuo Someya to process the Sago Coral sand that preserves all its minerals and trace elements which purify the water just as it does in cleaning up the toxins form the ocean."
3. The process is patented in Japan, United States, and several other countries world wide.
4. Health Thru Nutrition Co. has been granted exclusive rights to market and sell the Sango Coral Calcium in the United States.
5. Sango Coral Calcium is the ionic coral calcium supplement. It is not a colloidal mineral. The ionic calcium is completely bio-available as opposed to may colloidal products.

Minerals are important and unfortunately most mineral supplements have ingredients that are not on the diet.
The best source of minerals I know of (diet or no diet) is Nature's Gift™ ionic minerals. It's coral calcium which when added to water release over seventy trace balanced minerals in ionic from. You can read about it on my self personal change and stress techniques for your personal improvement plan site. Order 1,2, or 3 packets each month.

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