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Frequently asked Questions regarding the Quitting Smoking Hypnosis Program to Overcome Nicotine Addiction.

Table of Contents

  1. How effective is the program?

  2. Do those who go back to smoking do so because they have incredible urges?

  3. Can everyone be hypnotized?

  4. Is all hypnosis the same?

  5. What happens in the program?

  6. How does the money back guarantee work?

  7. What is the best frame of mind to have to attend the program?

  8. Do you suggest using any other aids to stop smoking?

  9. Where can I take or enroll for the program?

  10. Is the program available for professionals?

How effective is the program?

I am probably one of the few practitioners who actually hired an independent consultant to collect data on the success of the quitting smoking program. And the results are incredible--4 times greater than the national average of all other programs reported. 

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Do those who go back to smoking do so because they have incredible urges?

Quite the contrary.  Of those who have gone back to smoking, the single largest reason was given in the survey was a statement like this, "I left the program and just like he said within hours, days, or weeks, I felt free of the habit. I could be around smoking friends or spouses and was free of temptation. I was on cloud nine for months, years, or decades and then I had some stressor pop up in my life and I thought to myself, `it's been 3 months or 3 years or 12 years since I last smoked. I never think of them, I must be cured; I can have one." And that one was fine and I was amazed that I didn't want another one. A few days, weeks, or months later, I thought, 'I can have another, and then before I knew it I was back to 3 packs per day.'"
Hypnosis fires up the desire to quit smoking such that you may forget how it felt to have been a smoker. And yes, we now have provisions to fix this problem.

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Can everyone be hypnotized?

The better question is, "Can everyone be dehypnotized?" In reality, if you're a smoker, you've already been hypnotized. Rather than get into the the type of theory you'd get in a text book, let's discuss my experience in working with thousands of smokers. I am a master at being successful with  clients who had been unsuccessful with other hypnotists. The reason being is that I successfully remove all expectations of the client regarding what should happen during hypnosis. Yes, my clients can keep their eyes open during the entire hypnotic session and feel absolutely nothing and experience the total and complete benefits of the program. So, yes, from my experience by using my technique, everyone can be dehypnotized no matter how many failures they may have had with other programs or hypnotists.

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Is all hypnosis the same?

Hardly! Do you have the best medical doctor? or the best auto mechanic? or the best attorney? Yes, there are similarities among all hypnotists just as there are similarities among all doctors, car mechanics, attorneys and so on. However, each professional hypnotist has his own particular brand of skills and knowledge.

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What happens in the program?

The quitting smoking program is divided into two segments--the first hour is to educate the conscious mind and the second portion is for the subconscious mind. We take a look at what hypnosis is and how it feels and works. I explain the difference between relaxation and hypnosis. It's normal to wonder if  you can be hypnotized and that's OK.  In fact I've had many attend the program who left and felt that they weren't even hypnotized and that nothing happened only to return months later bringing friends and relatives to take the program. Yes, I've even had many who had been to several other hypnotists and couldn't be hypnotized stop smoking successfully. And I've even had some who never closed their eyes in the relaxation portion and yet stopped.  I'm getting ahead of myself. In the first part of the program I lay a foundation for overcoming nicotine addiction and give suggestions to eliminate weight gain as well as withdrawal symptoms.

Then we study suggestions like, "I am not going to smoke." "I am going to try to quit smoking" and "I am going to give up and do without smoking". We find that they all focus on smoking and cause you to want to smoke more. 

Next, the a,b,c's of the incredible post hypnotic suggestion to keep one free of smoking is given. IN ALL MY YEARS, I'VE NEVER HEARD A MORE POWERFUL POST HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION. It's so powerful that it handles all forms of stress, temptation and urges and keeps you free of smoking.

Lastly before the break, subconscious reasons that could stand in the way of success are brought to the conscious and disposed of. Reasons such as, "I tried before and failed," "What will I do after dinner?" "Quitting smoking is too difficult," "Stress will take me back to smoking," "My spouse smokes," "I have a nicotine addiction," or..."

A short 5 minute break is given followed by the relaxation and the hypnosis. Ah yes, this is where the magic is done--it's my secret and your success. I do promise that you can remember all of what you want during this portion.

Congratulations--your two hours which costs less than two weeks of smoking have freed you financially and physically in quitting smoking and overcoming the nicotine addiction. 

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How does the money back guarantee work?

The first part of the program is described above. During this portion of the program, you will have an opportunity to get see for yourself if the program makes sense to you. You can ask questions and see exactly all that will be required of you to be successful in freeing yourself of this habit. If at the break, you feel that the program doesn't make sense, is ridiculous, or you for any reason you lack a good feeling about it, you may discontinue the program, will be completely refunded every dollar and may leave at that point. 

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What is the best frame of mind to have to attend the program?

The best frame of mind is to come to the program skeptical and with the attitude, "OK, I've been smoking for ____ years. It's important to me to overcome this nicotine addiction, stop smoking and put the habit in the past. I'd like no more than to be successful the first go round and it happens that way, great! However, if for any reason I falter, I have a one year membership and I'm going to attend the quitting smoking program until I get it right."

With this attitude, there are no "have to's" and you may well be pleased to discover that you may actually forget about smoking by the time you leave the program. It's been a fact in stress management that "have to's, musts, and got to's," all of which are a sign of desperation, cause anxiety and  most often stand in the way of success and make quitting smoking far more difficult than it really is.

Do you suggest using any other aids to stop smoking?

Yes, and no. I don't suggest using any patches or nicotine controlling or releasing substances to overcome nicotine. However, if you do use them, it's ok. 

If you want to use anything that is of real value, use Sango Coral Calcium. Ideally begin using it a few days before you attend the stop smoking program. This is a phenomenal product and what it will do for you is act like a vacuum cleaner and begin sucking out all of the nicotine from your body. This product will do what no other calcium supplement can do. It's in an ionic completely bioavailable form so that in addition to supplying all your daily needs of 70 trace minerals, it will also hydrate and alkalize your body. This is the best defense against disease.

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Where can I take or enroll for the program?

If you are in the central NJ area, you can enroll in any scheduled program by clicking here for a schedule of programs offered and an enrollment form.

Outside of NJ area, you can order the stop smoking cassette program regularly $24.95 for just $19.95

Or the Weight Loss Program on cassette by clicking here

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Is the program available for professionals?

Yes, licensing rights and certification in this technique are available for the program to qualified professionals who have certification by one of the recognized professional hypnosis organizations. The training is divided into two portions:
1. In addition to an actual video taped session, video taped instructions of how to deliver the program will be supplied for your training followed by private training via phone or the web. The fee for this is $450. 
2. You will supply three video taped sessions spaced 2-to-4 weeks apart of your delivery of the program for review and further development. The fee for this portion is $450. Upon successful completion of this you will receive your certification and executed license agreement. 

Each person attending your programs will be given a stop smoking review program which will be available to you for $5.00.

Yearly, you will be required to be recertified by submitting a video of a session for review. The fee for each video reviewed will be $100. 

To apply for training and certification, e mail to richard@waterloov.com 

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