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 Pre Requisite to Training: 
1. Certification by acceptable professional hypnosis organization. 
2. Two years' experience in public speaking. 

My Credentials and  Experience
I graduated University of Md. with a B.S in  Chemical Engineering. I was employed by DuPont and Chemical Construction Co. for 10 years before I started my professional hypnosis training in 1976. I was fortunate to attend Harry Arons', founder of the AAEH (Association for Advancement of Ethical Hypnosis), basic course in hypnosis. One of the many things I learned from Harry was that stopping smoking could not be done in just one session and I believed that for many years during which time I did a five session stop smoking program. 
I boasted a 70% success rate. However, that was based on those who completed the entire program--and that's how most programs are evaluated. Of course out of 20 people starting the program, I was lucky if 7 finished and of those 7, 5 stopped. In reality, that was a 25% success rate--not 70%. 
i attended advanced hypnosis seminars given by Harry and eventually became one of his many assistants. I also obtained training and certification in the application of biofeedback (complimented my engineering scientific mind).
I also served as a board member for the AAEH and as Vice President of the association for several years. Note: I believe that for a while it was against the ethical standards of the association to offer a single session for stopping smoking. Anyway, being eager to learn, I made it a point to attend every national conference available to me and was fortunate to present on the application of biofeedback for various maladies such as headache, hypertension, Raynauld's syndrome, and so on.



With regard to the stopping program I offered my clients, my goal was to discover a means to motivate them to complete the entire course. As you may know, a 25% success rate is approximately equivalent to the percentage of clients in controlled studies who obtain their goals using  placebos. I was sure if I could get a higher percentage to complete the course, I'd have a much higher success rate. 
During one of the conferences I attended, Barrie Konicov, President of Potentials Unlimited was presenting on his single session stop smoking technique. I was too embarrassed to sit in the room (remember single session stop smoking sessions were unethical), so I half stood in the door way listening to what he said. He always seemed to draw a big crowd and I figured that maybe at least I'd learn something about charisma. I also wanted to see how those who listened to him could be so gullible. 
What I heard was nothing like I expected. In fact, everything he said made sense. I was wondering if I was simply gullible too. Later on I purchased the rights to use his stop smoking program for professionals. I listened to his cassette tape and memorized the script. Everything made perfect sense to me. There was nothing that I could refute. I took a small ad in the local newspaper, booked a banquet room in a local hotel and was surprised to have 30 smokers attend the program and leave as non smokers. Eventually I was doing four sessions per week for stopping smoking and four sessions per week for weight management (I did them back to back), grossing $2,000-to-$4,000 per day.
I developed quite some following and much to my surprise, a large percentage of those who attended did so on personal referral from a friend who attended one of my programs. I soon realized that I had been hypnotized for many years into believing that a single session stop smoking program wouldn't work. I always offered a money back guarantee and in ten years had been asked by no more than than three people out of 10,000 for their money back. I took personal checks and credit cards and in those ten years had less than 2 bad checks or credit cards.
But is all hypnosis the same? Are all single session stop smoking sessions the same? I had my spies attend other advertised programs and found that the answer was, "no." They would report to me how generally half of the participants would leave before the completion of the program and ask for their money back.
I knew I had a technique that worked and decided to expand. From my experience, the magic was in the script so I hired and trained three associates. One was an aspiring actor and I thought that all he had to do was memorize the script and pretend he was a hypnotist--a silly assumption.
I scheduled him to do several dozen sessions and at first the attendance was up and then it fell off rapidly at which point I attended one of his sessions and discovered something I should have known, i.e., it's possible to get worse at something instead of better. He seemed to doubt everything he said to the group and that doubt was translated to doubts in those who attended his programs.
I lost a lot of money from advertising for sessions I booked for him that didn't produce attendees. Then, I lost a lot of money from advertising for sessions scheduled for a time of the year that produces no attendees.
I escaped with breaking even for the year and reduced my business to a one person hypnotist.
Using Barrie's basic approach, I went on to develop what I have found to be the perfect single session program--perfect in that the post hypnotic suggestion is the most powerful one ever used in the science of stopping smoking. It is the cornerstone of the program which I used for the next nine years and worked with thousands of smokers.
In the late 1980's I hired a lady to do statistics for the program. For several months she contacted several hundred clients and did a survey with them. Of the many statistics obtained, the most important was the success rate. Generally it's given as the percent of those who took the program who remained free of smoking for 6 months or longer. The result was 44% of those who attended the program stopped smoking for 6 months or longer--many were still free after 10 years. This is four times the national average.
I also discovered means whereby I could be successful with clients who couldn't be hypnotized by others.
This program as well as the weight management program using hypnosis is now available for licensing.

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