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Weight Loss Hypnosis using  No Weight Loss Diet to End Compulsive  Eating Disorder and Over Eating


How long does it take to beat the compulsive eating disorder and end over eating?

Realistically, the best weight loss is generally at the rate of two pounds per week. Statistics indicate that those who experience weight loss at this rate have significantly better chances of getting rid of it and keeping it off. This means it may take you from several months to a year or better to lose all the weight. 

Should I use a diet?
If there is a particular eating plan which you've done well with before and enjoy, by all means use it, otherwise no weight loss diet is required.

Cassette #4 of the Fat Lie Program is a double sided sleep tape. This portion of the program provides variation of suggestion to make the pathway more enjoyable.  


weight loss diet
weight loss hypnosis compulsive eating disorder over eating

No Weight Loss Diet Using Weight Loss Hypnosis Ends Over Eating and Compulsive Eating Disorder.
Hypnosis is the Weight Loss Diet. Hypnosis is a plan of suggestion, affirmations and self image making weight loss hypnosis effective to compulsive eating disorder and end over eating. 

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