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Overcome Binge Eating--How to stop it before it starts!

Free Yourself from Emotional Eating


Emotional Binge Eating cd 
(the second cd in the program)
(see below for details re the complete program--all 4 cds)

Save Money, this cd is included in the Weight Management Series

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Overcome Binge Eating cd
Emotional Binge Eating cd rom

Is Your Scale Conspiring Against You or Are You an Emotional Binge Eater? Once on this program you can never cheat again!

Binge eaters are emotional eaters. Trouble is that 99% of all approaches from the beginning of time focus on habitual eating and use awareness techniques such as calorie counting, record keeping, weigh ins, exchange equivalents, chewing slowly, using smaller plates, putting your fork down between bites... If your eating were simply from habit, then any eating plan or program such as Weight Watchers would be all you ever need. Sure, these programs work for a while, but if your emotional self is ignored,  you go back to binge eating.

If you're not sure you're an emotional eater, take the following quiz to see if you are.

What do you do when you:
Are frustrated or angry?
Are happy?
Are sad or upset?
Are nervous and uncertain?
Had a great day?
Had a bad day?
Want to celebrate an occasion?
Do you socialize around food?

If your answer is, “eat,” in response to three or more of the above questions, you have a problem handling emotions.

Melinda  was 40 pounds overweight. It wasn’t always like this. She was promoted three years before to a new position, but she found her new supervisor to be demanding and critical. In the beginning, when she had a rotten day dealing with her supervisor, she’d typically binge late at night. As time went on, she didn’t need to have a rotten day with her supervisor, just knowing that a rotten day could happen on any given day was enough for her to continue binge eating. Of course, every time, she'd say to herself as most bingers do, "I'll just have a little," and end up eating until whatever she was eating  was totally gone. 

Judy’s teenage son dug a patch of grass from the front yard. It affected her self worth as to what the neighbors would think about how she raised her children and she ate. Her husband came home, ate dinner, retired to the TV, ignored her, and she binged.  

Certainly many things weren’t working as she expected and she felt angry, embarrassed, rejected. She couldn’t let it be that she had these emotions and she binged. Her goal was to put space and distance between the emotions and the automatic response of binging as she realized that binging was only a symptom .

And what about the kids? She realized that her self worth became an extension of their behaviors and eventually realized that she was a worthy and capable person regardless of what the neighbors might think. This didn’t happen over night. After all she ignored these issues for years, but as she began to deal with the emotional fall-out she went on to shed weight.

This program--the most advanced thinking on the planet--focuses on methods to acknowledge emotions and take them straight.  But lets not assume that you are only an emotional eater. With the thousands of clients I've worked with over the years, I find that generally emotional binging is accompanied by habit.

From the time we were youngsters, we were programmed to associate food with pleasure and survival. For this reason, you will from time to time experience temptation. Not only emotional baggage, but also your self talk will cause you to eat. Most clients I've worked with felt as though they were their own worse enemy. This was actually caused by three reasons:
1. their self talk made them anxious and to desire food.
2. they demeaned themselves with many put downs.
3. their self image was a fat one.

Let's look at self talk. Do you think or say any of the following:
 “I shouldn’t eat that?”
Or, ‘I’ll start my diet tomorrow?”
Or, “I’m so hungry I could eat a house (or horse)?”
Or, “I want to lose weight?”
Or, “I have to give up and do without eating so much?”
Or, “I must or have to lose weight?”

Everyone of the above will contribute to you being a binge eater.

The complete program is available on four cd's listed below. It is also part of the Weight Management Series which also contains programs for self worth and self confidence at significant savings.

The first cd (overcome habitual eating) lets you:
Erase the old brain talk.
Build a healthy self image
Become your own best friend so you can eat what you really desire and be surprised that it's far more nutritious and less in quantity than you imagined possible as you forget about binging. To manage stress and reprogram your mind, this cd also provides instruction for using self hypnosis.

The second cd:
provides the key to handling emotional binging
support you in taking emotions straight (frustration, upset, happiness...), learning to benefit from any emotion, and forget about binging. 

Once you listen to this cd, you can never cheat again as it may look like food, taste like food, but has nothing to do with food and that insight will ultimately set you free of binging.

The third cd goes into the subconscious resistance you might have that keeps you from success. Yes, there may be a part of you that is afraid of accomplishing your goals. This cd enables you to identify and overcome the subconscious resistances to managing your eating habits and be thin, sexy, healthy, vibrant, energetic...

The fourth cd was my first version of the program. It was a double sided sleep cassette tape (now on two tracks) mainly dealing with emotional eating. I made it into bonus tracks and kept it as part of the program because when I initially retired it to give way of the first three cd's, many who had used the fourth cassette tape reported amazing results of not only themselves managing their eating habits successfully, but also their spouses who also listened as they went to sleep and even overweight pets lost weight. So why not keep it--especially if you have 40 pounds or more to shed.

All four cd's have subliminal suggestions to maximize the program's effectiveness.


Order the cds and e-book separately or order the complete program plus the e-book and save.

Overcome Habitual Eating  #1     $16.95

Overcome Emotional Eating #2 cd  $16.95 

Overcome Emotional Self Defeative Eating #3 cd  $16.95 

Bonus Tracks cd $16.95

Save $$$ Money

Complete cd series (all four cd's) $67.80 for just $59.95  

Complete cd series (all four cd's) plus the e-book for just $78.77 -- a $105.75 value  

The Scale Conspiracy, e-book $37.95  $27.95 

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